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Wireing in the radio
Toyota Tacoma 2009 single cab
I was installing a aftermarket head unit in my truck and accidentally touched my red and black together I heard a pop in my passenger side dash and now my main power wire doesn't work and my clock and… 

Not starting well.
Toyota Tacoma 2003
I believe this truck is moody. It has the 2.7 5spd 4x4. Most of the time it turns over and over then starts and sometimes it'll start as soon as you hit the key please help me for its driving me crazy… 

4WD not working
Toyota Tacoma 2011
Yesterday, when I started my car, the 4WD indicator started blinking and then stopped. I tried to start in H4 and noticed it was not possible, and when I turned the knob to L4, it did not work either.… 

Screech when driving
Toyota Tacoma 2004
I own a Tacoma TRD 2004 manual 4x4 and the problem is the following: when driving over 30 mph, an annoying screech appears and increases with time. It only disappears when gearing and pressing the acc… 

Broken leaf spring
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Without being loaded, the middle leaf spring on the left side broke. I now feel insecure in it.

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