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Latest problems

Bluetooth/Sync/aux/usb Settings not working
Ford Fiesta 2016
Just purchased a used 2016 fiesta. None of the audio features are working except for the radio. When I press the media button it flashes for a split second then goes back to radio. Nothing happens whe… 

Cant find the wiper fuse
Ford Fiesta 2014 hatch
My wipers stopped working recently and not sure why. Now i would like to replace the fuse. Not sure which on is it. Please assist.

Issue with the window buttons in your Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta 2013 manual
My Ford Fiesta , some time the window buttons don't work when weather gets hot

MAF sensor fault
Ford Fiesta 2017 1.0 ecoboost
If mass airflow sensor is plugged
In don't want to start plugged out it start and run normal but in limp mode

Nothing is showing on the dash board l replaced all relays and fuses
Ford Fiesta 2006 Hatch back
My dashboard is not showing anything l replaced all relays and fuses but nothing is showing on the dash board

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