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Latest problems

Not starting
Ford Fiesta 2003 Hatchback
The engine is good it’s a petrol manual fiesta I think it’s the battery but when I try to start it, it try’s to turn over and then when I try again it just makes a ticking noise but if I jump start it… 

Displaying engine malfunction light and loses power
Ford Fiesta 2012 Hatchback
When car is cranked it sometimes loses power as if its chocking and sounds as if air filter is disconnected and after a short distance theMIL( Malfunction Indicator Light)comes up and it stalls

Fiesta 1.8di wont start after engine change
Ford Fiesta 2001 hatchback 1.8di manual
I changed my fiesta mk5 1.8di engine with the same engine due to the cambelt tensioner failing wired it all up it turns over but no start up really need someones help

Can't reset the system
Ford Fiesta 2015 1.25
Can anyone tell me how to reset the system on my fiesta 1.25 (1965 model). I recently went to Wales and just before arriving at my destination I got a message on the screen telling me to check my tyre… 

Both brake lights are out
Ford Fiesta 2007 hatchback
Got pulled up today both brake lights not working, before i go and buy 2 new bulbs is there anything else i should check.

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