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Oil light turns on
Volkswagen Vento 2006
The oil light indicator turns on. I've taken it twice to the agency. The first time, I was told that the vehicle was mechanically perfect and that it might be a failure in the sensor plug. The problem… 

Jerks when accelerating
Volkswagen Vento 2006
Hi, everyone. Recently, on a highway, my Vento jerked considerably when starting to accelerate, as if the current was cut. I've replaced the spark plugs with some NKG platinium, that come for this mod… 

High fuel consumption
Volkswagen Vento 1997
Buddies, please help me. My vehicle has got an extremely high fuel consumption, around 4 km per liter. It was scanned but no error was indicated. The failure appeared after I replaced the cylinder hea… 

Display turns on and off
Volkswagen Vento 2006
Hi, I hope you can help me. The display on the middle of the dashboard turns off and on every now and then, as if there was a loose wire or something like that. I have no idea which are the wires that… 

Run out of battery
Volkswagen Vento 2009
Hi, I have a Vento and it run out of battery in the garage. What can I do? I was told that something might break down when connecting it with wires to another car. If I want to start the engine, can i… 

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