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Latest problems

My wolkvagon vento car steering wheel is very heavy
Volkswagen Vento 2016 White vento 1.6 diesel
Please give me a solution , so heavy , I feel tired , 100 km drive ,

Accelerator stop responding
Volkswagen Vento 1997 manual, 1.8
While on motion, changed gear and accelerator stopped responding and and eventually the engine stopped. Thereafter i kick start the engine severally but the accelerator wont just respond and it will b… 

Power steering very uncomfortable
Volkswagen Vento 2011 Vento Manual transmission
While driving when the steering wheel is moved there is resistance and there is a small "tak " noise but once the steering starts to cut in there is no more resistance from the steering wheel. The pow… 

Oil light turns on
Volkswagen Vento 2006
The oil light indicator turns on. I've taken it twice to the agency. The first time, I was told that the vehicle was mechanically perfect and that it might be a failure in the sensor plug. The problem… 

Jerks when accelerating
Volkswagen Vento 2006
Hi, everyone. Recently, on a highway, my Vento jerked considerably when starting to accelerate, as if the current was cut. I've replaced the spark plugs with some NKG platinium, that come for this mod… 

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