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Starting issues
Volkswagen Passat 2006 Saloon
When cold my diesel be Passat starts I drive for 5mins turn off it won’t start without shaking or for at least 30seconds this becomes worse the hotter the engine , sometimes it will go to the get me h… 

Starter sounds normal when cranking but motor wont fire
Volkswagen Passat 2002 Passat 2.8 wagon
Turn the key and it sounds like the way a car sounds but it deosnt fire up. My question is in that model is the feul pump extremely quiet is there one (electric) present at all? was it an experamental… 

Cant start
Volkswagen Passat 2008 Engine is 2.00 diesel
I starter the car and it went off so taught was shortage of fuel, i refuel it but cant start and have use about 4 powerful charged batteries but still cant start

Car wont start after taking fuel (petrol/gas)
Volkswagen Passat 2012 sedan, 5 cylender, 2.5l petrol engine
This just started about a month ago. Car starts normally until i buy fuel (petrol) into the tank then it wont start till after like 5-10 minutes. After which, everything becomes normal till next fueli… 

Fuel consumption
Volkswagen Passat 2010
I get only 330miles of 75liters of fuel
Is my car consuming more

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