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Latest problems

Jetta 3 no spark
Volkswagen Jetta 1999
My Jetta 3 dnt hv spark I did change coil,module and rotor still doesnt want to start what must I do?

Very difficult to start.
Volkswagen Jetta 2000 4 door
I try about 10 times until it barely catches and it sounds like it's on one cylinder until it kicks in and then it idles fine. It runs very smoothly and does not stall. When I try again after I park,… 

Engine revs while in park
Volkswagen Jetta 2005 4 door
You turn the car over and it idles really high then low repeatedly

Jerking Problem
Volkswagen Jetta 2007 automatic 2.5 Wolfgang
Vehicle jerks when I slows down like someone rear ended me and jerks when I pull off. Didn't start doing this until I changed the transmission pan and filter.

It wont start, you can hear it trying to but wont
Volkswagen Jetta 2001 4 door 2.0 standart
Checked the 409 relay and fuses also checked fuel pump and fuel filter and their ok

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