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Intermittent cutout
Volkswagen Golf 2008 Hatchback
Intermittent cut out usually approaching a junction or traffic lights. Takes about a minute to restart. Happening about every 2 to 3 weeks. Inbetween works perfectly.

Vw overheating
Volkswagen Golf 2006 vw golf 1400 hatchback
My vw golf 1400 drives lovely but recently it suddenly overheats. Anybody have any idea why as there seems no reason ???

Sudden excessive oil usage
Volkswagen Golf 2014
Dealer changed my 2014 golf tai manual at 105000 km Had problems with stop/start controls and engine light(picture of engine) and for 5-10 sec the car would stutter etc and the engine light would disa… 

Steering locks up
Volkswagen Golf 2004 Hatchback
Hi. When I am driving in the rain my battery light comes on and the steering wheel locks up and I am unable to steer for about 20 secs. Help!

Bulbs blown
Volkswagen Golf 2011
The lights have blown on my 2011 Golf on one side and the indicator keep clicking when I use it...?

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