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Milage Not working
Volkswagen Fox 2007 1200cc
Problem being cannot see milage I have blue square in the middle of Speedo but no readings fuel gauge red light comes on when empty but gauge shows half full main problem don’t know how many miles it’… 

EPC and OBD/LIM indicators
Volkswagen Fox 2010
When placing the key in the ignition, the EPC light indicator on the dashboard remains turned on, as well as another that is a little engine drawing. When starting the engine, they turn off and do not… 

Water leakage
Volkswagen Fox 2005
My car has got an important water leakage and the mechanic does not what else to check or change. The water inlet tube, water pump and radiator have already been checked and they are alright. However,… 

Noise when clutching
Volkswagen Fox 2007
Hello, I own a Fox 2007 1.6 and, when touching or pressing the clutch and the engine is working, a constant noise is heard. It seems to be a squeal that only stops when releasing the clutch. Does anyo… 

Starting failure
Volkswagen Fox 2007
Good night, when turning the ignition key, my Fox does not start at all. It seems as if the battery charge was depleted, but the radio and lights do turn on. It might be a fuse or a relay that is fail… 

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