What should you check on your Eos before a road trip?

What should you check on your Eos before a road trip?

At this point, the idea is not to do a full car service, because we assume that you have been doing it accordingly.

You can do this check yourself or you can ask your trusted auto mechanic to do it. Remember that in our specific guides, you will be able to find where the sections mentioned below are located.

1. Engine oil: Check that your Fiesta is within the mileage recommended by the manufacturer, including the miles you will drive during the road trip. You should also check the engine oil level and, if you have to refill it, use the recommended oil.

2. Brake fluid: Check that the fluid level is appropriate. If you have to refill it, make sure that you are using the right one. You can check it in your vehicle's owner manual.

3. Coolant: Check that there is no lack of fluid and that its color is bright. If it's dark, it's time to change it.

4. Steering fluid: Verify that the steering fluid level is appropriate. If you must add fluid, check which one is recommended.

5. Windshield washer fluid: It’s one of those maintenance items that we normally overlook, but it’s important that the fluid is at the correct level and in good condition in order to clean any dirt that appears during the trip; for example, bugs. You can get great specific products for this in gas stations.

6. Leaks: Open the hood and inspect the engine for leaks. You can also check in your usual parking spot if there are fluid or oil stains on the floor.

7. Windshield wiper blades: Check your windshield wipers and make sure that they can displace water effectively. If not, you’ll have to replace them.

8. Lights: Check that all of the exterior lights are working and make sure that the headlights are even on both sides. This will help your visibility and prevent others from being dazzled.

9. Tires: Check not only the air pressure of the tires but also their general condition. If they are too worn out or you see that they have cracks or any kind of damage, you must replace them with new ones. Don’t forget to check the spare tire as well.

10. Alignment and balancing: It’s good that you perform a tire alignment and balancing service. You will avoid having annoying vibrations at high speed, and will also reduce tire wear.

11. Safety items: Check that your fire extinguisher is fully charged. Verify that you have emergency lights or reflective warning triangles, a sling or towbar, and all the safety items required by law.

12. Documentation: Check that you have up-to-date all the documentation required by law.

Do not leave these check-ups until the last minute because if you have to do some repair it may take a few days to fix it.

Why do you have to check your Eos before a road trip?

Driving on a highway involves a greater risk than driving in the city because the vehicle speed would be higher and the chances of getting quick assistance are highly reduced. Therefore, it’s advisable that the mechanical conditions of your Eos be the best possible.

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Volkswagen Eos problems: checks before a road trip

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