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Latest problems

Electrical Problem
Volkswagen Beetle 2006
When the turn signal is on and I step on the break all the lights flash and dash board.

Grinding noise when I turn around right corners.
Volkswagen Beetle 2012 Coup, 2.5, hatchback
My 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is making a grinding noise when I turn around right corners.

Problem Start up
Volkswagen Beetle 2002
Occasionally won’t start until 3-4 try’s then have to rev it up

Intermittent electrical (internal lights, locks, windows
Volkswagen Beetle 2012
When I bought the car (60,000 miles used, 6 years old) the check engine light would go on and off but the code reader returned nothing with any clues for an actual issue…really vague…also the interior… 

Volkswagen Beetle 2001 Volkswagen New beetle bug
My car only goes into reverse so I put a code reader on it on the car because my check engine light was on and the codes that came back where gear monitoring 00652 and the transmission temp fluid sens… 

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