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Latest problems

Alfa Romeo 146 1998
Hello, I am about to buy an Alfa Romeo 146 and I would like to know if it is too expensive to maintain. Are the replacements available? Thank you very much.

Idle speed failure
Alfa Romeo 146 2000
Good afternoon, I have an Alfa Romeo 146 engine 2.0 year 2000 and it overheated at its 70 miles. I took the vehicle to the mechanic and the combustion chamber and the engine were serviced. Now, the pr… 

Alfa Romeo 146 1998
Hello, what happens to me is that, when driving at 90 mph or more with the air conditioning turned on, the temperature raises to around 90-95°. On the dashboard, the temperature indicated is 80° but t… 

Stalls and power loss
Alfa Romeo 146 1997
Hello, I have an Alfa 146 TI and I need your help. After driving for a while, the vehicle suddenly loses power and I cannot even cross the street. I turn the engine off and start it again, and I can d… 

Acceleration failures
Alfa Romeo 146 1998
Hi, everyone. I have an Alfa Romeo 1998 engine 1.6 twin spark and, from one moment to the next, it began failing when starting the engine. What happens is that, once I start it, I accelerate it sudden… 

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