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Oil expenditure

Toyota RAV4 2006  60000 miles
My car has started wasting oil without any reason, it does not burn it nor throw it away. It is almost a quarter of a liter that I'm adding every week to it.
doug from United States 5 years ago  

Rattle on startup

Toyota RAV4 1994  95000 miles
Engine rattle on startup as If no oil pressure, more so on cold starts, was told was due to oil filter draining out as position of filter faces down.as if no non return valve. Have fitted OEM filter incase. Motor has had Complete cam kit fitted and reconditioned head. Rattle goes away fast but doesn’t seem right,and sure this wouldn’t be like this when new. Sugestions appreciated as hate hearing the noise.
cossee from New Zealand 2 years ago  
Hagnabby de New Zealand 6 months ago
Did you ever find the cause of this problem?
I have the same issue.
cossee de New Zealand 6 months ago
No,not even Dealerships can give an answer, lv’e tried all brands of filters, Now have resigned to starting One for just few seconds then normal.

Engine check light,4wd and slippery surface lights on

Toyota RAV4 2010 Rav4 61442 miles
Carried out diagonsitic check indicates faulty coil. But car runs smoothly. Is thisosdible?
John 2 from United States a year ago  
Velli de Australia a year ago
My 95 rav 4 vibrates from the back when I stop at the lights and the car is in drive...if I put it in neutral it stops...also where us the fuse for my rear wiper it's stopped working... But the front wipers are ok

Oil light stays on for 1 min at startup

Toyota RAV4 1994 2 door 235000 miles
Oil light takes 1 min at start up to go off
warren from New Zealand 2 years ago  

Over all check

Toyota RAV4 2008 Manual  15000 miles
Starting engine take a bit to kick over have changed fuel pump oil filter spark plugs cleaned air filter when over the top of it replaced almost everything please help!!. . .
Nelly from Australia 3 years ago  

Damaged engine

Toyota RAV4 2005  150000 miles
I own a Rav 4, and I have recently hit in the inferior part of the engine, breaking both the carter and the oil pump. It was repaired but not completely, as all of the indicators now turn on, such the ABS and the tire pressure one. Car rings have been changed twice and the main problem now is that, as I reach 3000 revolutions, it starts failing. I have now disconnected the sensor. Does anyone know what can be happening? I was told the cause could be the oxygen sensors, the ABS sensor, and even the automatic transmission. Please help me
pamela from United States 5 years ago  
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