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Engine check light,4wd and slippery surface lights on
Toyota RAV4 2010 Rav4
Carried out diagonsitic check indicates faulty coil. But car runs smoothly. Is thisosdible?

Rattle on startup
Toyota RAV4 1994
Engine rattle on startup as If no oil pressure, more so on cold starts, was told was due to oil filter draining out as position of filter faces if no non return valve. Have fitted OEM filter i… 

Oil light stays on for 1 min at startup
Toyota RAV4 1994 2 door
Oil light takes 1 min at start up to go off

Tyre rubs on gearbox L/H hard turn
Toyota RAV4 1994
On full left hand lock, the tyre rubs on the gearbox

Toyota RAV4 1986 Manual 5 seater
The speedometer spins pass 200ks when driving on normal roads even when on the then goes pass all the numbers on the dash right to the end...I took my vehicle for service and came back fail cause of t… 

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