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T-belt indicator SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2004  290000 miles
Hi, a T-belt indicator appeared on the dashboard of my Toyota Hilux. I know that it has to do with the timing belt; the previous owner changed it at its 75000 miles and I changed it as well, just in case, at its 17000 miles. Right now, the vehicle has 180000 miles, and the light appears and the alarm does not stop sounding. I have read that it is necessary to reset it, should I do so and that's it?
heather33 from United States 4 years ago  
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clifford de United States 4 years ago
You need to take it to the agency for the system on the computer to be modified manually.

Malfunction light SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2007  320000 miles
Every time I use the pick up loaded, after driving for two hours, ascending and descending slopes, a light indicating a malfunction turns on and the car loses power. I then wait for about 10 minutes for the engine to cool down and, when starting it again, it works normally. This situations has already happened to me 6 times. Please someone give me your opinion about this problem.
Mindie from United States 4 years ago  
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wen de United States 4 years ago
I had a similar problem and it was the turbo module. I replaced it and the vehicle started working better than ever.
Mindie de United States 4 years ago
Thank you very much for the information, wen.

Failure indicator SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2008  140000 miles
The car usually works normally but, occasionally, when realising the accelerator, a failure is indicated on the dashboard and the car remains at idle speed. What I have to do is to stop it and wait for a while, and it then starts working properly again. The nozzles and injectors filters were replaced, but the car is still the same way. I've just been told that the little engine from the turbo is not working and that it must be a wire that is failing. I've already been 20 times to three different mechanics, but no one has been able to solve my problem. Please help me.
libby from United States 4 years ago  
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Junius de United States 4 years ago
With the the Hilux vehicles, it usually happens that some wires that lead to the injectors peel, causing that failure. I recommend you to check properly the wiring. Good luck.

T-belt light on the dashboard SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2008  84429 miles
When starting the engine, an indicator that says T-belt appears on the dashbord. After three seconds, it disappears. I know it is indicating that the timing belt needs to be changed but, on the cover of the belt says that it is at 90000 miles and I have just reached halft of that amount. Is it normal that the light appears at the moment of starting and then goes away? Or do I need to change the timing belt right now?
Valentina10 from United States 4 years ago  
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judah de United States 4 years ago
Yes, of course it is normal that the light turns on because, when placing the key on the ignition, the ECU checks all the system. Once you reach 90000 miles, it will remain turned on all the time, until you replace the timing belt and bearings. Be careful that if you do not know how to reset it, the light won't go away. Hope it helps you buddy.

Difficult starting

Toyota Hilux 2010 5LE 250000 miles
Starting is fast and good only at start of the day. Thereafter you need to hold the key in place for a longer while till the engine starts to run. This eventually drains the battery to a low point that repeated attempts completely drains the battery.
Raymoo from OTHER COUNTRY a year ago  
Raymoo de OTHER COUNTRY a year ago
I have been looking for solution to these vehicle problems at other places simultaneously. No solution yet, but Im still searching. Many thanks

Toyota Hilux 2007  140000 miles
It has occurred many times to me already that, when activating the four-wheel drive lever, the front differential does not engage; not even after trying for 2 hours. After driving for 20 minutes normally in the city, the four-wheel drive light starts blinking on the dashboard. It does not turn off until I stop the engine. Has this ever happened to anyone before, or knows what might be happening?
Wallie from United States 4 years ago  
effie91 de United States 4 years ago
The same happened to me and the most probable thing is that water entered the front end assembly, on the driver's side. I recommend you to check that all the hoses are properly connected and to clean the engine and switch on the left side of the car with a contacts cleaner. Hope it helps and good luck.

When I drive after a ten minute the check engine light is on than

Toyota Hilux 2002 d4d machine  156000 miles
Check engine light is on than it doesn't take speed anymore than you Have to start again
boyke from OTHER COUNTRY 3 years ago  

Jerks when accelerating

Toyota Hilux 2006  188000 miles
One day, the fuel light turned on, so I fuelled the vehicle immediately. The car started jerking when setting the second gear. This same problem now occurs with the first, second and third gears. In order to avoid jerks, I have to accelerate it deeply and release the clutch very slowly. I have not yet taken it to the mechanic but, today, the light appeared again and the jerks were even more noticeable, as if the engine were about to stall. I decided not to use it, so I simply turned the engine off. I need some guidance and advises please.
HODGE from United States 4 years ago  
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