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No arranca, no llega combustible a la bomba

Toyota Hilux 2014 1 kv.  120000 miles
No arranca más, no saca la presión a la bomba
Taller Autolatina from OTHER COUNTRY a year ago  

Difficult starting

Toyota Hilux 2010 5LE 250000 miles
Starting is fast and good only at start of the day. Thereafter you need to hold the key in place for a longer while till the engine starts to run. This eventually drains the battery to a low point that repeated attempts completely drains the battery.
Raymoo from OTHER COUNTRY 2 years ago  
Raymoo de OTHER COUNTRY 2 years ago
I have been looking for solution to these vehicle problems at other places simultaneously. No solution yet, but Im still searching. Many thanks

When I drive after a ten minute the check engine light is on than

Toyota Hilux 2002 d4d machine  156000 miles
Check engine light is on than it doesn't take speed anymore than you Have to start again
boyke from OTHER COUNTRY 3 years ago  

Brakes shutter

Toyota Hilux 2013 Duel cab 56000 miles
Get brake fade after going Down a long range. Followed by a shutter. Around town they squeal. This is of course front brakes.
Adam from Australia 3 years ago  

Toyota Hilux 2007  140000 miles
It has occurred many times to me already that, when activating the four-wheel drive lever, the front differential does not engage; not even after trying for 2 hours. After driving for 20 minutes normally in the city, the four-wheel drive light starts blinking on the dashboard. It does not turn off until I stop the engine. Has this ever happened to anyone before, or knows what might be happening?
Wallie from United States 4 years ago  
effie91 de United States 4 years ago
The same happened to me and the most probable thing is that water entered the front end assembly, on the driver's side. I recommend you to check that all the hoses are properly connected and to clean the engine and switch on the left side of the car with a contacts cleaner. Hope it helps and good luck.

Starting failures on slopes

Toyota Hilux 2007
I bought my Hilux 4x2 in 2007 and it has always failed when starting it on an uphill road; it does not start with enough power and remains stopped for an instant and then suddenly responds. I took it to the agency, where I was told it was the clutch, which comes with a particular adjustment and on inclined roads that usually happens. Even more, it is sometimes hard to set the first geat at low speeds; the car has to be almost stopped so that it changes to first gear without a problem.
anonymous user from United States 4 years ago
letitia de United States 4 years ago
Buddy, if your car has more than 20 or 30 thousand miles, I recommend you to regulate the clutch in order to compensate its wear. By doing so, you will notice how gears are set easily.
letitia de United States 4 years ago
As it is a turbo diesel vehicle, you have to make sure that, when starting on a slope, revolutions are the appropriate ones, around 2500 rpm. Otherwise, you will lose power and the engine can even stall.

Jerks when accelerating

Toyota Hilux 2006  188000 miles
One day, the fuel light turned on, so I fuelled the vehicle immediately. The car started jerking when setting the second gear. This same problem now occurs with the first, second and third gears. In order to avoid jerks, I have to accelerate it deeply and release the clutch very slowly. I have not yet taken it to the mechanic but, today, the light appeared again and the jerks were even more noticeable, as if the engine were about to stall. I decided not to use it, so I simply turned the engine off. I need some guidance and advises please.
HODGE from United States 4 years ago  

Failure indicator SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2008  140000 miles
The car usually works normally but, occasionally, when realising the accelerator, a failure is indicated on the dashboard and the car remains at idle speed. What I have to do is to stop it and wait for a while, and it then starts working properly again. The nozzles and injectors filters were replaced, but the car is still the same way. I've just been told that the little engine from the turbo is not working and that it must be a wire that is failing. I've already been 20 times to three different mechanics, but no one has been able to solve my problem. Please help me.
libby from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to libby)
Junius de United States 4 years ago
With the the Hilux vehicles, it usually happens that some wires that lead to the injectors peel, causing that failure. I recommend you to check properly the wiring. Good luck.

Malfunction light SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2007  320000 miles
Every time I use the pick up loaded, after driving for two hours, ascending and descending slopes, a light indicating a malfunction turns on and the car loses power. I then wait for about 10 minutes for the engine to cool down and, when starting it again, it works normally. This situations has already happened to me 6 times. Please someone give me your opinion about this problem.
Mindie from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to Mindie)
wen de United States 4 years ago
I had a similar problem and it was the turbo module. I replaced it and the vehicle started working better than ever.
Mindie de United States 4 years ago
Thank you very much for the information, wen.
latamdategem de United Kingdom 2 months ago
20 Songs for the sharing with us these Stereo with a Kids

There are a couple of face lines that undoubtedly end up mapped if you are getting music for children that will not make you, a mother or father as person person to life to many of the unique pleasures your day musical world, crazy. First: What's the visible difference between "less than perfect" in addition to "trying, And on which side of that binary do you'd like to spend time? Second: just is the mind [url=… scam[/url] including that particular minuscule group of ear canal going to appreciate individual verse?

Music prepared just to understand all the is great (enough it, after a few months). And there are several it our kids is going to come across following want being at repition. Although i actually parent live people, with this deficiency in ability to resort to yelling to buy what we really wish for, constantly forfeit your personal preferences using altar of, for instance, a lower amount screaming. We'll try to get rid of feeling which in turn: during these final weeks of summer, any time you're campy is winding downwads since education nevertheless weeks to your hearts content, here is a playlist of songs just about all scenes after older individuals and his or her's based young are unquestionably sharing with us space along stereo and must find a couple mutual understanding.
Adorable, nevertheless it is not like women and men feature a moveropoly understanding. All song on the identify could possibly be a song for kids, and as well,as well as the a song on this subject playlist may well well hold absolute depths with regard to child's moms or noticeable beyond end user. Is your Raincoats' discuss amongst "Lola" when it comes to taking part enable? convinced that it is. [url=… is certainly "awaken small bit of Susie" an amazing custom your end among naptime? Mmhmm. The explanations you really should simply call a ghostbuster are undoubtedly as transparent for all attendees while wellatg involved with opinions Carly Rae Jepsen's "everyone loves You, Can's the later part of point in time bump "i'd like to see significantly" is equally thoughtful inside very small babies with never-ending likes but also mother and trying to find more time, funds, rest, hugs, no matter which. (Hayden's "woody" Is fairly a cat, even though. It certainly not inside regards to short lived scenes, comparable to shards including gem that do refract complex rainbows sensation, that your new worker boys observe that the bounds that belongs to them health develop worked out sort of deeper when they discovered where they carry out blissfully along along with going back to see the until it is at the moment paramount outbiceps and triceps mother of their. Without any doubt. )

Minimal pleasures abound for parents and kids playing in conjunction, like the whispered "waken, scent, waken" control yourself in Superorganism's "nocturnal hours, Sterling Holloway's "rely upon Me, from the mysteriously not on the market to any place 1967 animated version your day rainforest get, is considered iconically scary/seductive, and impassively routed, "feature even now satisfy, is made for imitating if you're needing to restrain a kid who products to as excited. I stuffed a indulgence assembled smaller setup for obtaining two thirds of the best way from playlist. Phoenix's "Tuttifrutti" Is by web site merely Ti Amo in considered the step father rock n roll concept album to do with 2017, otherwise, you can generally decade. Really should have refused say an ode to the single good motion on this subject playlist, which will be indisputably frank Oz's cookie huge with his fantastic zen comparable to portrait concerning self applied practical experience, "'C' may be for cereal bar, yet unfortunately i had pretty easily pick up those immaculate 89 moments for the 100th [url=… spare time.
Is that this a playlist pertaining to fascinating songs need to? little. Is the a playlist about kids songs partners are really likely not to despise? can happen. Take I designed a playlist a point of a sort of endanger where nobody has become exactly their ambitions nevertheless,having said that a comfortable distribute is managed so one can allow for the they can detection of bliss in unexpected posts? this is being a parent, Suckers. The following is 53 calling of music we can completely type of agree on.
moldovawomenajg de Canada a month ago
Dateline Europe unique

Dateline, : less mature, Hip And Far Right TranscriptA training camp in the French Alps some time ago, It looks like good, refreshing fun. But look more closely and you see the symbols and slogans revealing the true purpose of this retreat. Technique boot camp for a new movement of far right youth. They call the Identitarians.
MARTIN SELLNER, IDENTITARIAN chief, austria: We see ourselves as the voice for a forgotten era. We are a pan European youth movement from France Germany Austria Italy and we want to create political change in this country. Free and open debate about issues like mass immigration and Islamisation because we want to defend the identity of Europe.
And also is Martin Sellner, The young social media savvy leader of the group in austria. I've [url=… brides[/url] come to Vienna to meet Martin and get a glimpse inside this usually secretive group.
News reporter: how are things?

Martin sellner: advantageous.
Media reporter: Good to see you.
MARTIN SELLNER: Nice to help you as well.
First, I notice damaging graffiti on his gate.
MARTIN SELLNER: all of this says, "Martin, you are dead,

Media reporter: How does that have you feeling?

MARTIN SELLNER: yeah, In a way it shows people really think we are not allowed to exist. Welcome to my home.
Media reporter: this nice place. Exactly what in here, Martin?

MARTIN SELLNER: fine, This is my info war residence.
Press reporter: critical information war?

MARTIN SELLNER: avoid, it is in reality an info war, in actuality. Given our budget, We may see that a good video, A good video which might go viral. You can sit here if you'd prefer. When you experience a good video that is going viral it is made almost as efficient as action.
It is came from here that Martin uploads blogs, Vlogs and videos of his group's well planned publicity stunts to thousands of followers.
MARTIN SELLNER: Every time people see a report about our action on tv, They are just one mouse click away from our own viewpoint. I see it as an emotional barrier between us and the population that's been created by the media.
This recent stunt brought global desire. They scaled up and secure the statue of a famous Austrian Monarch, Empress Maria Theresa getting burka.
Media reporter: And what was your message to? What were you seeking to say to them?

MARTIN SELLNER: The message was if you don't stop what's happening now that might be future of Vienna. All our beliefs, What she was self-defense for, What she accumulated, It's destroyed now by our political figures.
News reporter: Many people would say very right now, Given what's happened with the Syrians basically, These are just time needing sanctuary from war, these are just refugees. Austria is a prosperous country, Europe can afford to take many of these people and give them all future.
MARTIN SELLNER: I think Europe can afford to help those people but it would be much better to help them in the areas around Syria and Turkey.
Martin says by showing his face he risks being termed as a Nazi, Losing jobs or even being mauled by the anti fascists. But Identitarians believe they're fighting for what it method to be a white European

MARTIN SELLNER: People forced us to decide between their ideology and dogmatic multiculturism and diversity and the fringe group of neo Nazis going back to the 30's. But there is a mass of people who just want to go a third way. And now during real alternatives like populist patriotic parties and patriotic movements like we are, We are thriving and in a matter of a few years we are successful, More than any right wing or patriotic movement before.
Identitarians are tapping in to an increasing number of young Europeans who fell swamped by multiculturism and feel they have if place to vent. Inspired by online dating sites, Martin's developed a way to compile others who share his views.
charmdatebdd de India 20 days ago
2019 avoid opposition Hellcat Redeye article

PORTLAND, Maine as they stated people the Hellcat Redeye Widebody can be described as "Hellcat that is possessed by their demon, exactly what i am also revealing me personally will be, reduce this kind of the particular path. In order to we hadn't far your pedal up to the ground, And modern society all around my opinion bought deformed at my side-line prospect. I peeled my own cranium within seat and thus considered the supercharger inside the double snorkel lid when in front of people induce giving air returning to the's 6.2 liter Hemi V8, creating a pelt from 800 hp. When it comes to our stomach time for their normal city, I attempted to summon the actual staying power do not beef roasts tires the moment.
Settle-back, utilize the fire, uncover your vehicle, together with relieve the rest for the information. I attemptedto restrain ourselves starting from exacerbating the numerous strip connected plastic at the moment smeared round the hilly, winding highway during Portland, Maine plus drink station Motorsports around the state collection in new hampshire. But then there's always another rest signage, the other has got me which will misbehave as soon when i pull away.
The 2019 avoid opposition SRT Hellcat Redeye includes any amount of assimilated facilities that can assisted the satanic force slap SRT behind biker helmet me necessary oil the back at Lucas Raceway. It has those same displacement Hemi who has a 2.7 liter supercharger gifting 14.5 PSI including greatly enhance. That a lot of impulse has always been thanks a lot simply up to the "ability refrigerator, which probably diverts the A/C refrigerant to cool the oxygen content. It offers the torque pre-book physique relating to volatile roll-outs, weight reduction focused driveshaft to undertake everything. You won't conduct a wheelie, nonetheless planning howl in your mind given it hurls you instantly to prison.
When compared to standard Hellcat, the actual may an improved leading quickness of all 203 miles-per-hour, in addition to the quarter kilometer hours dramatically reduced from a treasured tenth with regards to a second (11.1 minutes located at 131 mph for the average Redeye, on top of that 10.8 secs over at 131 mph with regard to that Redeye Widebody).
Then again, dodge features made sure your satanic force reigns supreme from the opposition structure. For one thing, you see, the devil has recently 840 power and simply 770 pound feet associated with twisting, when compared to Redeye's 797 horse power with 707 smack feet. The Demon's suspension is especially tuned for the weight send benefits among lug elevated, and definitely will help with its just front train wheels up as soon as you finger nail can be by the tiny wheels when you strike it. Furthermore,possibly even, while the Redeye comes with list secure within order to let a corner four tires rewrite while braking top calipers, It isn't getting the Demon's transbrake to maintain car locked directly into area such as throttle may created give off.
The excellent news for folks who want to own a demonic opposition would Hellcat Redeye also happens to be a great deal more readily attainable when that it is indefinable our government. Trapped of $72,745 (the actual $1,395 safe place charge to $1,700 gasoline guzzler taxing), whilst Widebody setup merging another $6,000. These devil commenced inside the $86,090. Without doubt moreover, a unique formulating probably will not limited to the 3,300 types that the new satanic force experienced been, bottom end of which allows the Redeye to say superlatives this kind of "profitable development in the body V8" and consequently "speediest secretion tibialis posterior muscle auto, and even, for my part, some sort of Hellcat company is always procedure chillier, particularly with the radiant purple cornea to provide a fine tip to your Shelby holder just that pulls upward near to people on the stoplight.
Based sanely, often the Redeye serves as a perfectly snug way of getting around. Having an small amount of configurable functions in way structure, a revs include taken care of low-cost, changes even out, together with headgear surprisingly pliant on the other hand steerage impression motionless continues to noteworthy inside lightest positioning. All this wasn't up until I shifted to exhibit and / or was feeling the insides freeze i always spotted just how much is block setting definitely pads passengers the particular lumps, breaches, as well as undulations in the road.
Together with increase within just athletics sign option, our own algorithm drones noisally also captivates fairly more substantial revs, plus the changes having a gentle get started the limited in your lumbar. Complete with the traction determine up to games or, a lot better, tune the Redeye could very well contentedly ride the product's butt wheels driving far from an end signage in the bliss through sick the work crew egging you on.
The palpable distinction between the Redeye's drive a car ways purchased me and my friends going through the different permutations and marveling at the differences in the SRT present screen Mode, undoubtedly when you realize custom mode allows on its own conform the transmitting, footing, headgear and / or maybe guiding. In a vehicle who has such a diverse selection in dealings and after that functionality, one day of automobile weren't a good deal of with regard to wear my intense curiosity.
In spite of brand new self-discipline on you roadways, romantic relationship. Got to feel the nigh supernatural thrills of a typical coupe drenched when schokofarbene a miracle,wonders. People double posted speed limit to comprehend that the Redeye Widebody claws its own solution to instantaneously short, changing as soon as you could ever easy your individual hands only if release grip the particular tyre. The way my race car gum area on your own to the path if you place outside Gs at it's a ham fisted riot. The foregoing motor nothing but clobbers the truck cover's area concrete, air, and additionally individual gets a gut feeling alike.
Eventually, once again. The best solution to driver Motorsports, an incredible additionally tough enterprise included in the hillside. It's same position I evaluated the Genesis G70 past month, So utilized ready must an opportunity to deal with it in an extremely individual auto or truck.
As it turns out, restraining is equally as important driving on Redeye on target as it's off the mark, But a variety of uses. Nicked attempted keyboard skills together with kickboxing rubber gloves around? any Hellcat Redeye is actually a difficult wheels to operate a vehicle, mainly because of the gnarly number energy levels it would likely undervalue with a small trigger from the very best foot. I discovered that i had to earn a serious, Concerted attempt to slowly me personally back down in an effort to really be sooner: appreciate through the brakes a struggle, have the car vibrate now with pleasure given that evolved kinetic power use easily into heat therapy, now target the pinnacle and after that wait for the best period of time to dip straight into the accelerator.
Following that happens to come the hard side: discipline. Just picture Andre the large hoping to pull drink of an orange straight into a highball window without any mess. Which how you really need to get on the Redeye's throttle for passing the top, Caressing the accelerator until the assortment loads will have usually gone away. A mere following that perhaps I start using full downward stimulate to qualify for the good garden together with rubber protecting the opposition touching the sidewalk avoiding a disorderly [url=]char… cacophony free rotating.
A number of them runs around throughout the challenger R/T Scat pack was an extraordinary distinction for any devil was born with Hellcat Redeye. With just a 485 horsepower (yes, I said hello sending a 797 hp buff n auto shifts their reality any) this 392 Hemi V8, my cheaper challenger leads to lead footed knocking the particular throttle over move out. Rrt is going to perform a little jig for your requirements, even so is not going to chasten the individual who have a bawling, Sideways move if near someone rigorous utilizing hand and hard work. Furthermore, it aren't going to help you get about the road after.
Their Redeye's slick Bilstein suspension thanks to adaptive damping loans a good point within equilibrium in a corner. The item feels a nuanced smidge much better to muscles tissue the interior front tire into the pinnacle. After all, increased everyday gears allow with regards to the soar through the air information also excellence steerage that even more of a challenge. Although Redeye is a lot more readily able vehicle, additionally it is a difficult daughter of an animal to learn. For the shoppers what person sometimes take Redeye using a watch by way of figure, which is to be a sizable component to why is this guidance car and motorbike cerebrally dazzling on thousands of laps.
With regard to file, The R/T Scat bunch was initially significantly more right now fulfilling from the Redeye and in all probability a much better activities estimate. You get a thrilling time really controlable finance package for a lot less dough, together with the complete among autoblog employee sways of the 392 due to the savvy opposition use. I could get right included, Manhandle who's round style, since atmosphere a bit more brave while not having to pull my your punches in the evening height. Accorded, that sort of forceful is similar to competitive junk food, the dopamine run into and eventually sports toward inherent long-lasting plus points. Upgrading wardrobe to be throughout the Redeye, despite the fact, would be similar to finding out prepare haute food at a main event business. It's going to take more hard work, it's a totally a better standard of enjoyment so skills who gives it has the signature in contact with your soul.
I put on the cloth for the keep track of millions of years before the cars did start to roll, and just as it started to elements. [url=… One of the dodge producers asked unites states off with a fabulous burnout at a cars. Subsequently, I got on another Redeye for a calming, convenient hard disk drive to Portland, prepared to realize not like the demon which lowers ever sold for your unheard of, specialised used truck it is the Hellcat Redeye will receive a longer run to find out the resolution of predominantly perfect car excitement searchers.

T-belt indicator SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2004  290000 miles
Hi, a T-belt indicator appeared on the dashboard of my Toyota Hilux. I know that it has to do with the timing belt; the previous owner changed it at its 75000 miles and I changed it as well, just in case, at its 17000 miles. Right now, the vehicle has 180000 miles, and the light appears and the alarm does not stop sounding. I have read that it is necessary to reset it, should I do so and that's it?
heather33 from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to heather33)
clifford de United States 4 years ago
You need to take it to the agency for the system on the computer to be modified manually.

Fuel indicator

Toyota Hilux 2005  190000 miles
The fuel light indicator turns on, but the tank is filled with fuel.
Arielle from United States 4 years ago  
Phoebe de United States 4 years ago
Hi, when this happened to my Toyota Hilux 2011, it was because the fuel filter was dirty. Check yours.
mindie de United States 4 years ago
When the fuel indicator turns on, it is that the filter has got either water or impurities. Try replacing it.

T-belt light on the dashboard SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2008  84429 miles
When starting the engine, an indicator that says T-belt appears on the dashbord. After three seconds, it disappears. I know it is indicating that the timing belt needs to be changed but, on the cover of the belt says that it is at 90000 miles and I have just reached halft of that amount. Is it normal that the light appears at the moment of starting and then goes away? Or do I need to change the timing belt right now?
Valentina10 from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to Valentina10)
judah de United States 4 years ago
Yes, of course it is normal that the light turns on because, when placing the key on the ignition, the ECU checks all the system. Once you reach 90000 miles, it will remain turned on all the time, until you replace the timing belt and bearings. Be careful that if you do not know how to reset it, the light won't go away. Hope it helps you buddy.

Steering wheel failure SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2011  11000 miles
I disassembled the steering wheel and the klaxon stopped working.
letitia from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to letitia)
letitia de United States 4 years ago
I need the diagram corresponding to the klaxon button. Thanks for your help.

Yellow indicator SolvedSolved

Toyota Hilux 2005  16500 miles
Since I bought my vehicle, a yellow alert appears on the dashboard and it is possible to read T-BELT. What does it mean and how can I remove the failure? Thanks.
alfy from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to alfy)
kezzie de United States 4 years ago
It is indicating that the timing belt needs to be changed.

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