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The rear reverse sensors activate continually while driving or parked
Toyota Corolla 2007 Hatchback
The rear reverse sensors operates continually without other vehicles or objects around it, when driving and when parked with the ignition on

Red car light on dashboard
Toyota Corolla 2014 Toyota Corolla sport eco
There's a red car like on in dashboard that stays on and when I drive it it makes a beeping sound but when I stop at a stop sign it's tops take off and it starts beeping again

Speedo and odo not function
Toyota Corolla 1994 Sedan
Heat temp gauge and fuel gauge ok. But speedo and odo not working

Intermittant starting when clutch pedal is pushed in.
Toyota Corolla 2001 4 dr., 5 speed std. trans. w/OD, 1.8 Ltr. engine
Toyota dealership suggested problem may be "sensor" at time I delivered to dealership. Toyota replaced clutch switch Assy. According to invoice. Car starts a little better (without pushing in pedal so… 

Electrical problems
Toyota Corolla 2006 4 door sedan 6 cylinder
When I tap the brakes the headlights flicker and sometimes when I turn the headlights on bright engine stalls and I lose all lights

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