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Transmission failure
Toyota Camry 2010
My Camry 2gr Fe 2010 has been showing constant D light on dashboard even when car is in parking or reverse position and car cannot move

Does it take quarter of tank to start
Toyota Camry 1994 Sadan v6
I ran out of petrol in driveway about a year ago. Ive put a jerrycan of petrol back in it still wont start. ? Does it take a quarter of a tank before it starts

Oil light. Has come on it has a full sump of oil
Toyota Camry 1997 Sedan
Oil light indicator is on it has a sump full of oil

Engine miss fires soon as warm
Toyota Camry 1996 Sedan
Miss fire when warms up. Same day notice new oil leak somewhere at back of eng.

Accelerator / throttle problem
Toyota Camry 2007 The 2007 saloon
Just changed the a/c compressor from sensor type to manual type. The a/c is working but the accelerator pedal stop functioning.

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