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Heater not going

Toyota Avensis 2006 Wagon 300000 miles
So I figured out I needed a new fuse with my heater so I could use it. Put a new one in and it worked for a minute then stopped working again. I was on a long haul tr and needed it to demised my windows. My avensis is the European model with high KS. What else would be the problem?
Mojo from New Zealand 4 years ago  
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Bamba from OTHER COUNTRY 2 years ago
ABS light is on and hand break is on what could be be a problem

Many failures

Toyota Avensis 2007  205000 miles
I would like to share my experience with my Avensis so that you can think it twice before buying this vehicle. After two years of buying it, the 6th gear started failing and the engine consumed lots of water, around a liter per day. This happened to be an ordinary engine failure, but Toyota did not assume the costs of its repair. I certainly do not recommend this car.
carthaette from United States 6 years ago  

Interior lights not working

Toyota Avensis 2004  112000 miles
None of the interior lights turn on and, when stopping the engine and removing the key, the revolutions counter and both the temperature and fuel needles remain in the place they were at the last moment. When giving contact, the clock indicates 12:00 and the onboard computer resets. I've checked the fuses and they are alright. I would like to know what might have happened.
Laurie from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
Robocop from United Kingdom 2 years ago
I have the same problem these days. Did you solve the problem?

Annoying noises

Toyota Avensis 2013  50000 miles
The interior plastics quality and its attachments are simply disastrous. There are important vibrations both in the dashboard and in the instrument panel. Something curious, that no one has been able to explain to me yet is that, when driving and turning to the right at 2nd gear, a hit is felt in the steering column. Lately, when accelerating at 5th or 6th gears, if revolutions are relatively low but in its appropriate range, a bubble noise appears, which goes away when revolutions raise. This started to be heard after 25000 miles driven.
Lena from United States 6 years ago  

Engine fissure

Toyota Avensis 2007  96000 miles
Good afternoon everyone. I own a Toyota Avensis 2.2 D4D 2007 which has only got 60000 miles and I have started noticing that the coolant disappears from the deposit, even though I cannot find any leakage nor escape anywhere. The temperature indicator has always remained in the same position so, if the car overheated, it would have never indicated the failure. I went to a Toyota agency and I was told the engine needed to be replaced completely, as there was a fissure which had been caused by some refrigerant problems. My question is, shouldn't the car inform us about the huge failure that is taking place? In my case at least, there was no electronic warning and the temperature needle has always indicated a normal situation, which was certainly not the case.
Reynold from United States 6 years ago  

Fan failure and coolant consumption

Toyota Avensis 2000  250000 miles
I have a problem with a Toyota Avensis diesel. In a traffic jam, the temperature needle suddenly raised to the top. When stopping the car, I noticed the fan did not start working, even though it did with the air conditioning. The coolant deposit was empty and so I added around two liters, which were almost gone two days later. I then drove some blocks at a low speed but was not able to determine whether the car overheated or not because the needle remained at its normal position, in the middle. There is nothing wrong in the oil plug and there is no white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I do not even see a coolant stain in the floor. If it were the temperature sensor, the needle would move? Is the sensor related to the coolant consumption? Is it a damaged cylinder head gasket? Thank you.
luella from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
Lil from United States 6 years ago
The same problem happened to my Toyota 2007 and I was told it was a severe damage the one I had. The pump was failing, the engine lost compression and some other problems that were fixed and the failure disappeared. Luckily, Toyota assumed the costs and a new engine was installed. Good luck.

Cylinder head gasket failure

Toyota Avensis 2005  149000 miles
My vehicle has got 93000 miles and the cylinder head gasket has failed, even though all the necessary revisions were made in the agency.
Mahala from United States 6 years ago  
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Mahala from United States 6 years ago
Apparently, it is a manufacturing problem. I've finally decided to repair the cylinder head gasket in a good workshop and not in the agency.

Noise behind the instrument panel

Toyota Avensis 2005  130000 miles
Hi everyone, I bought an Avensis in 2005 and have not had any failure since then. However, I've been recently noticing that, when giving contact or even when driving, a strange noise can be heard coming from behind the instrument panel, similar to an old clock. Has this ever happened to anyone? Do you know where it comes from? Thanks.
theotric from United States 6 years ago  
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archibald37 from United States 6 years ago
The same happened to my vehicle and the problem is in the air fans. Most probably, you will need to change both of them.
Terry from United Kingdom 2 years ago
N o ignition on 2002 Avensis 1997cc. Battery and terminals OK, suspect fuse or relay. Can anyone please advise which is main fuse/relay. Thank you.

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