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Fuel cap failure

Peugeot 405 1994  200000 miles
Hi, everyone. My problem is that I cannot unlock the fuel cap, which works together with the central locking. The doors open but the cap does not. Does anyone know why? Thank you.
alice from United States 6 years ago  
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alice from United States 6 years ago
Good morning! Open the trunk, and move the carpet on the right side. You will easily recognize the little engine from the central locking with the corresponding lock. It has got two screws; when removing them and taking the little engine out, it will be unlocked. In my case, I disassembled it and installed a supplement to the axis, because it was not properly adjusted and that caused the locking, and I also greased it. Now it is working perfectly. Hope it helps and good luck!

Water system failure

Peugeot 405 1996  242465 miles
When changing the temperature gauge, air entered the water tank, producing lots of bubbles. As I do not know how to take out the air, it started heating up and water moved to piston 1. It was left with 3 cylinders and lots of vapor started being released. Even more, the vehicle lost power considerably. The gasket was replaced, as well as spark plugs and the timing belt. It will need to be properly purged, but my question is: will it work properly again or will I have to sell it? Please I need your help.
Dorinda from United States 6 years ago  
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Lafayette from United States 6 years ago
Dorinda, if watered enter the cylinder, it might be that the cylinder head gasket is damaged or, even worse, that the engine block is fissured.
Dorinda from United States 6 years ago
Yes, you are right, but everything can be repaired. What I want to know if the repair will last or the failure will appear again soon. Thanks for your response Lafayette.

Starting failure

Peugeot 405 1994  110000 miles
The engine starts but, after a couple of seconds, it suddenly stalls and it is really hard to start it again. I finally manage to do it, but it is driving me mad. What can I do? Because the battery charge gets depleted after so many attempts to start the engine. Thank you.
earnest from United States 6 years ago  
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Johannes22 from United States 6 years ago
Check the ignition key, which might be damaged and it needs to be replaced.

Fuse box diagram

Peugeot 405 1995  250000 miles
Hello, I would like to know if anyone has the fuse box diagram from the 405, year 95, diesel, gld. The lighter from the ashtray does not work and I do not know if it is a blown fuse. Thanks.
Karon from United States 6 years ago  

Temperature problems SolvedSolved

Peugeot 405 1994  200 miles
Hi, I have some problems with the vehicle temperature. Is the sensor that makes the engine cooling fan start working the one on the radiator? Because there is even a water leakage there.
anse from United States 6 years ago  
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Polly from United States 6 years ago
Yes, that is the one that controls the fans. Have you checked if the thermostat is blocked?
anse from United States 6 years ago
Finally, the problem were the relays; I had bought some common ones when original relays need to be installed. They were the two relays behind the grille.

Coolant loss

Peugeot 405 1995  400000 miles
The engine was completely rectified; the radiator was maintained and its hoses changed, the cylinder head gasket was tested and cleaned and, when the mechanic assembled everything back, the engine started working better than ever. However, from one moment to the next, the coolant started to be lost and now the mechanic tells me the head gasket needs to be checked once more. I am really disappointed and hope you can tell me what might be happening. My vehicle is a Peugeot 405 gld 95. Thank you very much.
anse from United States 6 years ago  
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Etta from United States 6 years ago
That car will never be completely repaired. I had one as well and, 3000 miles after repairing it, the cylinder head gasket got damaged again, so I replaced it once more, but less than 2000 later, it failed again and for the last time, because I decided to sell the vehicle.
Solomon from United States 6 years ago
I also have a Peugeot 95 and the cooling system needs to be properly purged; the heat concentrates in the cap and causes the coolant to boil.
mervyn from United States 6 years ago
Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the screw nuts, good luck.

Radiator pressure SolvedSolved

Peugeot 405 1997  200000 miles
I bought my vehicle with the engine block broken; after repairing it, the car started working perfectly. After a while, the radiator started having pressure failures, releasing the hoses from their position and even breaking the cylinder block again, but not in the same place than the previous time. I have repaired it once again, but the radiator keeps having pressure problems.
Marsha from United States 6 years ago  
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Curt from United States 6 years ago
One of the possibilities is that the cylinder head gasket is twisted, and this happens when it heats up. It usually gets damaged between the third and fourth piston, and that is why pressure is accumulated in the radiator. Be careful because hoses might explode. Hope it helps you, buddy.
Marsha from United States 6 years ago
Thank you very much, Curt. What you explained is exactly what had happened. Thank you again for your help.

Hand brake SolvedSolved

Peugeot 405 1994  200 miles
The hand brake does not lock the wheels; should the screw nut be adjusted or loosened?
anse from United States 6 years ago  
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Johannes22 from United States 6 years ago
The hand brake is a wire that distributes the strength evenly to both wheels, so they must have the same tension. First, you should check that the wire is not damaged. Then, remove the wheels to check if the plungers work evenly as well. There might as well be a broken spring from the braking mechanism in the wheels, or even a worn tension rod. I recommend you to take the vehicle to a mechanic because it is not easy to repair it, and some specific tools need to be used. Hope it helps you, and good luck.

Stalls when driving

Peugeot 405 1993  337567 miles
These last months, my Peugeot has started stalling suddenly when driving. Sometimes the engine starts immediately without a problem, but there are other occasions in which it does not respond at all. Do the ignition module and the coil tend to fail when warm? Thanks for your opinions and help.
VEDA63 from United States 6 years ago  
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pernetta from United States 6 years ago
It must be the ignition module; when cold, it works properly but, once the egine warms up, it starts failing. Replacing and the failure should disappear. The same thing happened to me.
VEDA63 from United States 6 years ago
Thanks for your help, pernetta. I will follow your advice and then let you know what happened.

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