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Won't crank

Nissan Versa 2007 4 door 160000 miles
My car will not crank. I never had problem before this cause I bought it used. So I just went and bought a new battery. When tried again with new battery, my cars lights came on, but no dinging sounds, from door. I need help to find out if my problem is a starter, altinater or fuel pump. Thank you
Vanessa from United States a month ago  

In very cold weather...My dash lights up like a Christmas tree...

Nissan Versa 2016 Note Hatchback 18000 miles
Malfunction light...Distance to empty...Is not correct...
New car....Very worriesome. from Canada 4 years ago  

2007 versa no heater gave out

Nissan Versa 2007  180000 miles
My blower motor resistor was gone so my heat only work on 4 than it gave out completely, I bought a new blower motor and resistor still no air, check fuses under driver side and relay still no air, what could be the problem?!?
Blib from Canada 4 years ago  

Need Assistance ASAP Please

Nissan Versa 2007 4D automatic 83600 miles
Woke up this morning got in my car and turned it on, no problem. I went to the grocery store and bought some stuff. When I was leaving I turned my car on again, no problem; reversed out the parking and when I put my vehicle in drive and pressed on the gas my car literally did not go faster then 5MPH
Angel from United States 5 years ago  
1 answer 
Nell from Canada 4 years ago
Having the same problem. What was the problem?


Nissan Versa 2012
I bought a Versa 2012 nine months ago and, after two months of usage, it started having problems. The vehicle suddenly stalled and, when taking it to Nissan agency, no failure was found. This week, the same thing happened; brakes and steering wheel have been checked but nothing has been yet solved. If this has ever happened to someone else please help me.
anonymous user from United States 6 years ago
1 answer 
kat27 from New Zealand 4 years ago
Try a garage that diagnoses via fault code. I had such a problem, it was extremely frightening driving, random cut outs, no accelerator at times, random brake coming on whilst driving, locking into a low gear etc etc. Fault code (which escapes me) found it to be the speed sensor fault. Highly dangerous to drive unfixed. Car sales had replaced only one speed sensor after a previous owner returned it with the same issue then on sold it to me. I was told both sensors must be replaced. I took issue to court given this highly dangerous car a recent purchase (backed by lawyers) and the Judge didn't 'get' the danger this car put me, my passengers and others on the road in, he allowed the car sales to fix it instead of awarding it be returned as the law dictates ! The law sometimes an ass ! Best of Luck, stay safe !

Stals when driving

Nissan Versa 2014  64000 miles
My car has already stalled twice when driving. The first time, I was driving at a moderate speed and, suddenly, without any kind of explanation, it stalled. The steering wheel tightened and the brakes did not respond. I took it to the agengy, it was checked with computers and I was told no failure could be found. Everything was put back in its place and yesterday, the same event took place. Luckily this time, it stalled when being stopped. Can someone please help me?
MICHELLE77 from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
Sophia from United States 6 years ago
Hello, you need to check the clutch.

Acceleration failure

Nissan Versa 2015  1000 miles
I am worried because my car is 2015 and, only after a week of purchasing it, I'm already having problems. I have been saved from many accidents, as it suddenly happens that, when accelerating, the car does not respond properly. This has even happened to me when driving on the highway, I tried to speed up, and nothing! The worst thing of this is that no one can find what is wrong with it.
ambrose from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
antone from United States 6 years ago
Most probably, you will need to change the throttle body. I would be worried if your car made a particular sound. Check if, with the engine already warm, after driving for 20 minutes or so, you stop, leave the car in Dead centre, start to accelerate it slowly until 2000-2500 rpm and it makes a sound like this one: Https://

Fuel consumption

Nissan Versa 2014  14789 miles
I own a Nissan Versa and I am noticing it has a high fuel consumption and would like to know if there is something I can do about it. When driving in the city - stopping at traffic lights, heavy traffic, air conditioning turned on- it consumes around 34 liters every 410 km. However, when driving on the highway, I spend 34 to travel 470 km. I understood that on the highway the vehicle should be more efficient, but it is evident that this is not the case of my Versa.
eben from United States 6 years ago  
2 answers 
ferdinando92 from United States 6 years ago
I also have a Versa 2012, manual, and its efficiency in the city is of 12 km/lt and, on the highway, of 14 km/lt.
Tiburon from United States 3 years ago
The power locks are not working properly

Nissan Versa 2015  1650 miles
Hi everyone, I wanted to share a concern. After only ten days of buying my car, when driving it over 75 mph, I started noticing that with any little hole, the steering wheel moved quite a lot. I felt it really loose and wanted to know if this is a common situation with the Versa. Thanks for your comments.
Janet from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
charles from United States 6 years ago
Actually, the steering assistance makes the steering wheel softer at low speeds and, as you increase the speed, it stops assisting little by little and the steering wheel start to feel more ridig. But, it is electronic, and technology can make things a bit tricky, so we need to learn how to control the car at high speeds and get used to it. Logically, there is a big difference with the traditional steering


Nissan Versa 2012  1000 miles
I collided with a Versa 2012 and the airbags inflated. At the moment of repairing it, the mechanic told me the whole steering wheel needed to be changed. Is it true or is it only the part that covers the airbag? Thanks for your answer.
augustus from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
elysia from United States 6 years ago
In the case of the driver's airbag, when it is released, the whole steering wheel needs to be changed, as the system comes integrated to it.

Noise when driving

Nissan Versa 2007  35000 miles
My car's problem began two weeks ago. Only when driving, not if the car is stopped, and I accelerate, a strange noise appears. The mechanic said it was the usual engine noise, but I did not hear it before.
cybilla from United States 6 years ago  
1 answer 
Alverta from United States 6 years ago
It might be a bearings failure.

Steering wheel noise

Nissan Versa 2012  14600 miles
It's been a month since I started hearing a strange noise coming from the steering wheel. It only appears when driving along a stone paved road or through a train track. I am about to take the car to the agency but would appreciate your opinion.
malc from United States 6 years ago  
3 answers 
CARMELLIA from United States 6 years ago
I have the same car as yours, you should ask the agency to change the whole steering, as well as to tighten the screws properly. And be careful if they tell you it is the steering column, because that was the only thing that they first changed in my car and it was not enough to solve the problem.
malc from United States 6 years ago
After taking it to the agency, adjusting the steering rack and the steering extention, the problem is finally solved.
mercy from United States 6 years ago
There is an internal problem, you should ask for your steering's EPS to be replaced.

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