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Nissan Tiida 2009 hatchback 1.5L dci manual 40000 miles
Starting motor failed was reconditoned but went again for the 2nd time a month ago told that other probs appeared which are expensive to fix and may not last
taz32 from Ireland 3 years ago  
Raza de OTHER COUNTRY 3 years ago
Carank but won't strat

Automatic gear box cannot start ;when u switch it on it start with dri

Nissan Tiida 2007 sedan 1.6 85000 miles
The gear box start with drive instant of park
maifadi.gideon@gmail.com from South Africa 4 months ago  

Starting failure SolvedSolved

Nissan Tiida 2012  1440000 miles
When starting the car, a little explosion noise was heard and the vehicle was left with no signal at all: it does not start, the dashboard does not work, the lights do not turn on and no function is actually working. The battery is in good state, so I have no idea what might be wrong.
EPH from United States 5 years ago  
Best answer (according to EPH)
car de United States 5 years ago
Most likely, one or more main fuses are burnt. They are on the front part, next to the engine, and blown fuses are clearly noticeable. Their failure has to do with the humidity or condensation that is accumulated in the starter, especially when it is for a long time without being started.

Starting failures

Nissan Tiida 2009  85000 miles
I really do not understand how a vehicle with 50000 miles has starting problems. At the beginning, the engine was started only with three pistons, as the other one was not working. Later, the engine started working irregularly, with an annoying jingle and a poor compression. It is only after a few blocks that the engines stabilizes and recovers it normal compression and acceleration. I took the car to the agency, where the tank and injectors were cleaned and the fuel pump pressure, spark plugs and the battery were checked but they were alright. The vehicle was scanned but no failure was indica… Read complete
Melvina from United States 4 years ago  
Sophia de United States 4 years ago
Something similar occurred to me and what I did was changing the starter coals. Even though it was not the best solution, the car worked better for some days.
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