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Auto transmission

Nissan Tiida 2007 Hatch / Auto 30000 miles
My auto transmission gives out a whirring and slipping sound when engaging reverse when idle, is this some thing to worry about. Tom
Thomas from New Zealand 3 years ago  
Thomas de New Zealand 3 years ago
Thanks all I have i have found the filling point
Thomas de New Zealand 3 years ago
Still waiting for comments

Over revving

Nissan Tiida 2008 Hatchback manual 26000 miles
Between changing gears the engine revs stay high and take too long to drop
Kevin from New Zealand 3 years ago  
Casey de Australia 2 years ago
Mine is a 2007 model, does the same, revs to high and does not go down,
What can I do about it
Could it be the air/fuel ratio sensor?

Clutch failure and coolant leakage

Nissan Tiida 2013  50000 miles
When pressing the clutch, the pedal went to the bottom and I was left without pressure in the clutch lever. I checked beneath the gearbox and all the coolant was being lost, so I could not continue driving. My Tiida is from 2013 and has got 31000 miles.
Dorinda from United States 5 years ago  
samyra de United States 5 years ago
The clutch from these vehicles does not last long, so you will need to replace the hydraulic thrust bearing, and I recommend you to take advantage of the situation and change the clutch plates just as well.

I have a 2005 Nissan Tida Nismo with 130,000 on the clock it has just

Nissan Tiida 2005  70000 miles
I have a Nissan Tida Nismo with 130,000 kms I have just noticed it spluttering when accelerating uphill could this be transmission
Suzi65 from New Zealand 3 months ago  

Automatic gear box cannot start ;when u switch it on it start with dri

Nissan Tiida 2007 sedan 1.6 85000 miles
The gear box start with drive instant of park from South Africa 4 months ago  

Reverse not powering unless i press 4wd button

Nissan Tiida 2007 Automatic,1.6L 175000 miles
My nissan tiida is giving me a lot of problems,the reverse is not powering,its showing a 4wd and hand brake when i am traveling long distances.
What could be the problem?
Scorzi from OTHER COUNTRY a year ago  
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