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Latest problems

Failing vacuum booster
Nissan Tiida 2010 Manual
Hissing noise out of brake pedal. Main garage said new brake kit to solve problem. Also oil leaking into the turbo affects acceleration

After starting the car... shifting to d ( drive ) car doesn't mo
Nissan Tiida 2008 Hatchback
After starting the car... Shifting to d (drive) car doesn't move...even after 5 mnts... only move in 1 ( 1st gear ) and R ( reverse)... After moving few km them it works normally. In all gears... My c… 

Head reconditioned, and assembled, car won't start
Nissan Tiida 2007
Car won't start
Reconditioned cylinder head assembled now car won't start

Stalls, and dies on acceleration
Nissan Tiida 2001 Nissan Tììda Hatchback
2005 Nissan Tiida 154000km. Engine started to cut out while driving, engine cuts out when idling at traffic lights - ñeeds restarting and on acceleration away from traffic lights car dies before norma… 

Starting ok but failing to engage the drive mode,the lever stuck at pa
Nissan Tiida 2007 Sedan
The gear lever stuck at parking position,because of this failing to remove car keys

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