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Glunking noise
Nissan Terrano 1997 2.7
When you change gear there is a clunking noise from the rear end would it be the driveshaft?
Also lots of play on the steering

No acceleration
Nissan Terrano 1996 4x4 diesel
Engine light comes on and have no acceleration when i first start it up

Starting problem after running
Nissan Terrano 2014
I have a problem starting my Terrano Nissan after running for an hour or more. There is no problem with cold starting but usually faces this starting problem after driving for hours. I am facing this… 

Jerks when accelerating
Nissan Terrano 2006
My vehicle is a Terrano 4x2 turbo diesel and, when driving at third or fifth gear, at the moment of reaching 2500 rpm, the van jerks weirdly and the gearbox and lever move considerably. I've replaced… 

Dashboard turns off
Nissan Terrano 2005
I have a Terrano 2 2005 and the dashboard turns off; everything stops working: the display and the gauges. When disconnecting the battery, it resets and everything starts working again, but only for a… 

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