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Smoking pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder 2014 Wagon
Smoke out of exhuast is white... but later when driving leaves a cloud of grey/blue smoke... can have moments when its fine,no loss in power or water... has lost a little oil.

Rough idling no power stalled
Nissan Pathfinder 2006 Pathfinder 4.0 liter
Horrible rough idling No accelartion Lost of power Changed spark plugs Changed coils Changed intake manifold gaskets It then stalled while driving on highway Had it towed home Any suggestions greatly… 

Unhooked vacuum line
Nissan Pathfinder 1995 3.0
Theres a small tubbed line at the back of the engine. One side is hooked up to intake manifold
The other end is kust dangling it look like a vacuum line going down around the knock sencer area.

Please help cranks strong no start on 01 pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder 2001
I thought i needed a new starter because it wouldnt start, replaced it and no crank. I put my steering column all the way up and its cranking faster than ever before, but its not starting not even try… 

Cranks but wont start. No indicator lite illuminated to show if securi
Nissan Pathfinder 1996 Pathfinder le
Cranks strong but no start. Is getting fuel and spark. Security sys indicator lite does nothing so dont know if its armed or not?

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