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Latest problems

Start stop button, won't start.
Nissan March 2013 Hatchback
My battery was dead, but it's fully charged now everything seems to work, but stop start button, theres a red car and key light on dashboard flashing... can't get car to start

When I start the engine at hill level it doesn't pull,it is failling
Nissan March 2006 engine
When I start the engine at a hill road levelI it doesnt pull ,it failling to climb,I am suspect that it might be gearbox problem please help me what is the problem.

Dashboard Lights won't go off even after powering the car.
Nissan March 2012 hatchback/k13/
Also Front gear not working.

Intermittent improper gear change
Nissan March 2005 Hatch back/ 1.2L/ Automatic
When pulling off from stand still the transmission will not shift from 1st to 2nd. The revs shoot up and car will not go more than 40kmh or so. This does not happen all the time but when it does the o… 

Engne Heats Up
Nissan March 1996 Hatch Back auto-transmission
Water is leaking somewhere under the engine

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