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Latest problems

Windshield fogging really bad i try everything nothing work
Nissan March 2018 Nissan march
Nissan march fogging nothing working

Starter button... hopefully not the starter
Nissan March 2010 manual, hatchback
After recharging the dead battery all the electronics (dashboard, headlights, stereo, windows) all work fine. However, when I push the starter button, nothing happens. The battery for the key is new.… 

Engine noise
Nissan March 2012 Automatic
Hi how are you I have a Nissan March old shape HR12 when I start it it's making a lot of noise in front and even when idling the noise is too mimuch and irritating how do I fix it

Steering and fuel consumption issue
Nissan March 2001 Steering
I have been facing steering hardness issue for a month and my fuel consumption rate is very high almost taking 6km in per litre although engine capacity 1000cc. My steering in auto mode after running… 

E4wd error, fuel cutoff, warning light
Nissan March 2013 Hatchback
Lose of power ,fuel cutoff e4wd check light

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