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Can't change the language
Nissan March 2010 Engine
How do I change language settings on my Nissan march 2010?

Car not starting
Nissan March 2010 hatchback, auto, 1.2 l
No response from the push start button, it is showing car and a key on the dashboard and the dashboard is off only responds when you put hazards on or flash lights

Engine light
Nissan March 2011 Suv
I have a Nissan March k13. I have an engine light on the dashboard

Auto switch/button
Nissan March 2010 Hatchback
There is a switch/button that says auto, but dont know what it does?

Airbag light
Nissan March 2004 hatch 1litre
Steering rack replaced and drivers airbag light flashes. Why is this? Mechanic spent hours trying to fix it!

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