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Latest problems

Nissan Almera
Nissan Almera 2006 Nissan
Good day I have a Nissan Almera and only 2 coil packs are firing and 2 are not but if I take the 2 that's not firing and swap it over it works.

Stalling & jerking
Nissan Almera 2004 Sedan
My car was having a problem of switching off whenever i start it. And when it gets to switch on it idles nicely and drives perfectly on the highway but it stalls at times when i do urban driving. The… 

No power on injectors
Nissan Almera 2004
What is the reason not to have power on injectors but coils got spark?

Can't start but sometimes starts
Nissan Almera 2006 QG16
Can't start but sometimes starts

It has been jerking especially when it heated as if there is no fuel.
Nissan Almera 2001
When this started, I sent it to a mechanic and he changed the plugs and serviced the injectors but the problem still persist.

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