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Latest problems

When the check engine light is off it doesn't start
Nissan Almera 2005
Check engine light off doesn't start

Coil pack are burning number 3
Nissan Almera 2005 Sedan / 1.6 liter / automatic
Coil pack are burning and I've change the and bought 2 of them and they are burn within 3 days

No spark in all coils
Nissan Almera 2004
All coils are not sparking. So the engine is not starting o

Car stalling jerking terribly at speed of less than 60km
Nissan Almera 1997 Hatchbavk
It starts easily but stalls anytime i drive at less than 60km,the jerking is worse when speed is low but when it gets to 70km and above it accelerates normally. I changed the c2 cramshAft sensors and… 

As soon as I press the brake pedal there is a load audible noise and i
Nissan Almera 2015 1.6 petrol sedan
When I press the brake pedal there is a loud audible noise and if I use the left indicator ant the same time the noise becomes much louder. If I use the left indicator without touching the brake pedal… 

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