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Fuse to Spark Plug keeps blowing
Nissan Almera 2001 Hatchback Automatic 1.8
Fuses Coil Oil ...
Since January my car has stopped on me about 6 times now. The AA was convinced the first time that it was the fuel pump but it turned out to be the fuse to the Spark Plugs had gone. Each time the fuse… 

Almera needs an expert
Nissan Almera 2005 Hatchback
Engine on tickover Idles at 1500 revs: driving , engine hunts between gear changes at 1800 to 2500 rpm

Won't start turns but won't fire
Nissan Almera 2004 Hatch back s
Won't start turns but won't fire

Nats problem
Nissan Almera 2002
Got nats codes 1610 & 1612 engine cranks but no start no spark at plugs. Nats light on dash continuously flashes. Any ideas thanks

Engine light came on
Nissan Almera 2000 Hatchback
The engine light came on, l scanned to find fault on bank 1 sensor 1which I replace, only for it to show bank 2 sensor 2 again.

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