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Cuts out whilst driving

Kia Sportage 2006 Auto. 132000 miles
I have a Kia Sportage 2006. Bought as a used vehicle in April 2017...When driving especially when slowing down for traffic lights or to turn a corner, the thing cuts out. It has to be turned off at ignition, put into park then restarted. Is a dangerous situation, waiting for someone to hit my rear end. We have replaced the engine...still playing up. Mechanic is stumped. Has had it hooked up to OBD reader but shows nothing. Is now looking at wiring... if that does nothing will then try the fuel tank. Hate paying hard earned money for a piece of shit. Cheers Kim (Australia)
Kimcj from Australia 5 years ago  
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Kimcj from Australia 5 years ago
Update on Kia... Took the vehicle to our mechanics, they have soldered all of the connections (not sure which ones) as there could have been some dry solders...Seems to have fixed the issue as the vehicle has not cut out since. Fingers crossed we have it beaten.
Flower from New Zealand 5 years ago
I’ve had the same problem with my 2006 Kia Sportage, I’ve had it 5 years and every year I’ve had problems with the engine cutting out. The mechanic said carbon build up, then EGR valve, fuel filter and now it’s apparently the fuel pump. I’m so sick of this vehicle!
najir frank from New Zealand 4 years ago
Majohi your problem is thevoxygen analyzer which a round sensor mounted between the intake manifold abd the air cleaner. Its a round tube with a blade sensor jojned to the air cleaner box by rubber hose. Saab 900 part will be ok as its a Bosch part licences for Korea. Regards major frank. PS try cleaningvm it first with petrol not the expensive shit that's recommended.
Pete from United Kingdom a year ago
Hi we have just started getting the same problem. Our kia sportarge started cutting out when slowly down. Had a full service and still did it. I did hear about a problem kias have. The fuel tanks were lined when new and after years the lining starts to break up and clog the filter. Has anyone had this problem

Fault code p0171

Kia Sportage 2005 4x4 2.0ltr 80000 miles
Check engine light keeps coming on with p0171 code. Have checked all for leaks , etc
Mankymutt from United Kingdom 4 years ago  
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