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Radio interference with engine running
Recently my car battery went flat after an interior light was left on. Battery was charged and car starts ok, but since then I've had an issue with my radio and bluetooth. They work fine when the engi… 

De acceleration rattle
Kia Sportage 2015
When I take my foot of the accelerator I get a horrible rattle bug it doesn’t happen when I accelerate, any ideas what this could be ?

Kia Sportage 2000 4x4
Bad relay I hope on my taillights. I check bulbs n connection. All good. Took lots of fuses. Anyway. I put bigger one in on a hunch I had n. Lights stayed on after I shut them off. Waited n blew fuse.… 

Rubber burning smell and battery light is on.
Kia Sportage 2006 SUV 4 door v6 4wd
After the last snow storm my car started smelling like rubber burning, smoke came in through heating vents and battery light came on. 2006 Kia Sportage.

Noisey aircon pump
Kia Sportage 2007
Constant noise when engine running near air con pump,was told it needs new pump but should be ok as long as you dont need you air con to work

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