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Sportage won't start
Kia Sportage 2018 kia sportage
My sportage works great, except when it doesn't start. It can go days, weeks, months with no problems, then will simply not start. It turns on, does a system check, lights work, windows, etc.; however… 

Car won't start after fuel issue.
Kia Sportage 2001 Suv
Car ran out of petrol, put petrol in but car won't start. Any ideas???

Cutting out
Kia Sportage 2001
I have a 2001 sportage. Most of the time it runs fine; smooth acceleration, good power but on other times it acts like someting is shuting off. There is suddenly no power at all; it cuts out, than a c… 

Fault code p0171
Kia Sportage 2005 4x4 2.0ltr
Check engine light keeps coming on with p0171 code. Have checked all for leaks , etc

A/C and suspesion
Kia Sportage 2013 Suspension air conditioner
The air conditioners not cooling since new i go to the garanty few time the change de pieces but the suv present the problem anyways fix 3 time and damage 3 times now the suv don’t have the garanty th… 

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