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Latest problems

Car won’t start
Kia Sportage 2012 1.6 petrol
The oil light is on, and the car bump starts. But when you use the key to start the car, it dosent. We’ve changed the starter motor and got a new oil fuse. But still nothing. Any one had any similar p… 

Key stuck in ignition unless battery disconnected
Kia Sportage 2013
My 2013 Sportage would not shift into park so we replaced the shifter but I cannot get the key out of the ignition unless I disconnect the battery. How can I fix this?

Rough idle,Other weird stuff
Kia Sportage 2012 2.4 engine
So my car has ran idly pretty rough. It would just be when I initially started it but that was it. Then it started doing it when i would stopped at stoplights and felt like it was about to die. Turnin… 

Noise problems
Kia Sportage 2019 Hatchback
When driving at around 40/50mph suddenly a loud noise like a noisy jet wash begins to sound.

Independent gear shift down when accelerating
Kia Sportage 2021 2L automatic
Accelerating,but transmission drops to 1st gear on its own and gear stick unresponsive. Dashboard lights up with all available warning lights. Stop car, starts after 3attempts, all dash board lights s… 

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