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Want start when cold in the morning
Kia Sorento 2005 v6
Want crank in the morning and have to hold you gas pedal down and turn a long time for it to start and white smoke come out of it,and clear up in a little while. And it cranks all day long till the ne… 

Intermittent rev limit
Kia Sorento 2012 2.2 to. Automatic
Occasionally revs limited to 3000. Stop and switch off for one minute and restart Return to normal. All new pumps, injectors, pressure regulator and sensor, clean tank,air filter and fuel cap not fixe… 

Locking doors
Kia Sorento 2012
Back doors wont lock but the front will

Check Engine Light
Kia Sorento 2008 Sarento 4dr
Check Engine Light comes on stays on then goes out. Took to dealer but the time the car was looked at the light had gone out. By the end of the weekend it was on again. Had the Auto Zone to verify via… 

Accelerator pedal stops working
Kia Sorento 2017 2.4
Accelerator pedal stops working shortly after pulling away. Engine does not stall but stays at idle. Pedal recovers when I let up and press pedal again. Sometimes pedal recovers if pedal is kept at sa… 

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