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Latest problems

Beeping randomly, but no icon on dash comming up
Kia Rio 2015 Seda
Randomly beeping, no icons comming up on dash

Rough idle and cut out/stalls at times from high revs to clutch in.
Kia Rio 2013 hatchback / 1.3L / manual / tech
The car has had a service but the problem still persists. ---The symptoms--- 1. Rough idling at rest. Rev pin would fluctuate 100-200 RPM. After service that is no longer an issue but the even thoug… 

Rio won't start but everything else works
Kia Rio 2013 Hatchback/ 1.6L GDI
I have checked the fuel pumps, spark plugs and coils, compression, fuses, battery, starter, there's fuel and everything works but it won't turn over. The only thing that was different when it stopped… 

Loud whining noise when let off gas pedal
Kia Rio 2009 rio
Heard a pop then Loud whining noise when let off gas pedal Neutral and rev engine, no change, usually not audible on acceleration, has gone away a couple times only to start making noise again a short… 

Oil pressure
Kia Rio 2005 1.4tec
Oil light constant and noise from engine or oil pump

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