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Latest problems

Lock gears.
Kia Rio 2015 HATCHBACK 1.2
My gear stuck on neutral, i cant put other gears

Rpm quits while driving.
Kia Rio 2010
Car works fine until it warms up. This is when the cars rpm cuts out but still runs. Changed the fuel pump and filter but still having this problem. Sometimes in drive thru’s it will stall and only st… 

Rio wont start and stalls after filling gas tank
Kia Rio 2005
Whenever I fill my fuel tank totally full the car either wont start or stalls out if it does start. I had new gas tank and fuel filter (inside the tank) replaced by dealer about 10 months ago.

Boots door eclectic swicht
Kia Rio 2011 Hatchback 4cy
How much is a new eclectic swicht for the backboots

Stereo touch with camera replacement
Kia Rio 2018 Hatchback
I want to replace my stereo (small screen) Kia Rio 2018 - camera and BT are available but i need to set an OEM stereo with GPS ect. Could I change it and what about the missing plugs behind the new o… 

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