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Latest problems

Engine knock
Kia Cerato 2010 Engine
My Kia cerato 2010 is having engine knock sound. I changed metals and crafts after one month same thing. Is it advisable to change engine ?

Deviation of rear wheels
Kia Cerato 2012
Rear wheel wear due to rear wheel deflection

Jerking continuous
Kia Cerato 2007 Manual sedan
At first i taught it was the clutch, changed it... Still it jerks on start... I've changed the coils, fuel pump,Injector's and spark plugs. Still it jerks...
I'm out of options

Clicking noise when press accelorator
Kia Cerato 2015 Hatchback
Noise when pressing accelorator

No power on inclined and having a mist
Kia Cerato 2010 Sedan
Cousing it to vabrate and stalls

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