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Latest problems

Rear and brake lights failure
Kia Cerato 2013
Both the rear lamps and the brakes lights do not turn off.

Gearing failures
Kia Cerato 2014
I own a manual Kia and I feel that the gears are set with lots of difficulty. I need to press the clutch deeply so that the change is made softer. Is this normal?

Annoying noises and clutch failure
Kia Cerato 2011
My car is only three years old and it seems to be an old vehicle. It's got all possible noises and the clutch is not working properly.

Many failures
Kia Cerato 2010
Hi everyone, I wanted to share my experience with my Kia Ceratos. It's got 40000 miles and I am really worried because it has already failed many times: clutch, lamps and even the engine due to a poor… 

Many failures
Kia Cerato 2006
With only 60000 miles, I've already had too many failures with my Kia: - turbo, twice - injectors - gearbox - clutch I certainly do not recommend this vehicle. Take it into consideration when think… 

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