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Latest problems

Engine stalling right after starting
Kia Cerato 2015 Sedan
I have a push button start Kia cerato and as soon as it starts it shuts off some days it works but does it again constantly

Enginee sounds
Kia Cerato 2010 Kia cerato
My kia cerato always developed issues whenever I took for services. It consumed fuel and also the acceleration is too low. How do I go about it or is there a kia services center in Lagos Nigeria.

The Does not start
Kia Cerato 2012 Hatchback manual
The car turns on but its not starting,but when quick start it starts

On occasion off the line shutter and wizzing noise
Kia Cerato 2020 Automatic
Not all the time but recently ive accelerated from a stop and got a shutter from the car, now once a week for the past 2 weeks I've accelerated from a stop and the car havent really moved and I get a… 

Kia cerato 2012 sedan push button
Kia Cerato 2012 Sedan
The car starts but dies right away, same thing every time. After reading gives code p0122 and p0222. Throttle body have put others in it and the problem does not go away. Does anyone know anything or… 

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