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Latest problems

Do You have to program a bcm
Jeep Liberty 2006 2.7l or 3.7l
Do you have to program a BCM or is that just the ECM

Grinding and rear wheels have slack when I let off of the break
Jeep Liberty 2006 Liberty 3.7l
Grinding in rear end and rear wheels have slack when I let off of the break

Engine light comes on
Jeep Liberty 2004 3.7L.
The engine light comes on and won't go off is there a fuse for the I guess the front display worthy you know mileage and all that is is there some kind of fuse somewhere for that

Trunk won't open
Jeep Liberty 2002 3.7 L
Trunk won't open with key or the window

Ignition switch
Jeep Liberty 2004 3.7 Linited
Recently I locked my keys in this vehicle overnight with keys in the ignition not completely turned off. The next day, after replacing battery, the ignition switch would turn the accessories on but wo… 

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