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Wipers going on and can't turn them off

Jeep Cherokee 2016 Jeep Cherokee  5200 miles
Wipers start on their own not blinkers and no back wiper movements
Jayjay from Canada a year ago  
1 answer 
Jayjay from Canada a year ago
Hello to all having this problem, I spoke with a mechanic and I followed his advice and this worked for me,

I had disconnect the positive battery terminal for approximately 10 minutes then reconnected it. ( this way all radio stations and time will remain programmed). I had an error code that did pop up with the check engine light it was the steering angle sensor, if you do have this message don't panic, it could be common for a code to come on since the battery was unplugged. I erased the code with my machine. ( if you do not have a machine to erase codes just drive the vehicle a few times it should turn it self off) I have not had any issues since. I hope this will help anyone with this issue.
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