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Latest problems

I need wiring diagram for camshaft sensor
Honda Odyssey 2011
Camshaft sensor no signal ,the vehicle is not starting

Parasitic drain, remove fuse, door locks!!
Honda Odyssey 2005
Driver's side door probable motor/cable, etc issues. Recent accident to front bumper, passenger side lead to latch assembly on passenger sliding door latch issue AND a parasitic drain on the battery.… 

Radio no sounds
Honda Odyssey 2018 Honda Odyssey
No sounds on my Radio after changing battery. Dealer said its the Tuner. Maybe someone have same issue. How you fix it. Dealer asking 1,500 for it.

Low beam not working
Honda Odyssey 2018 Honda Odyssey
I replace the headlight to LED light but then Low beam not working. High beam works

3 spark plug buried
Honda Odyssey 2012 Honda odyssey lx
Misfire and 3 spark plug buried

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