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Car won't start
Honda Odyssey 2004 Van
Hey my Honda currently wont start you stick the key in and there's absolutely no sound at all but all lights are still working dashbord battery is fine anyone no what it could possibly be it just seem… 

Hesitation with start
Honda Odyssey 2012 Touring EXL
The van turns over every time but there is a small delay, 1-2 sec, where it is working to start. On occasion it starts instantly, usually after filling with gas. Help??

No power to van
Honda Odyssey 2000
Put key in ignition and zero power. Battery is charged,. Whats strange is press the horn and loud as can be. I think that has something to do with the security system. Van won't even make a klick-klic… 

Won’t start has spark was driving van stalls and won’t restart
Honda Odyssey 2004 Honda Odyssey 3.5
I have checked timing belts and timing marks there spot on. I checked fuel pump and have fuel pumping to regulater block. Checked for spark and has spark. Checked relay for injection. The motor wh… 

Noise coming from rear when appling brakes to slow down
Honda Odyssey 2004 Van
We are driving down the road, and we press on the brakes to slow down and we hear a noise inside the van coming from the rear driver side by the wheel, im thinking maybe the brakes need to be changed… 

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