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Vibration at 120/kmh
Honda Fit 2007 Hatchback
Vibration starts from the left front wheel and spread throughout the car as you accelerate.

Hesitant to move off after reversing
Honda Fit 2006
After reversing I find that taking off in DR.its hesitant and takes some couple of seconds before responding. This doesn't happen when starting from ,- say a stop at lights or junction- only after rev… 

Car jerks on auto trans D
Honda Fit 2004 Hatchback
Just recently the car started jerking when driving and it seems to occur when i accelerate thus shifting up and this is when i have the car on "D". When i shift to "S" mode the car drives normal with… 

What causes this to happen
Honda Fit 2010
Flashing light on dashboard says Key flashing batt:

Rear passenger seat making clicking sound upper area in metal about 2
Honda Fit 2004
Hi we have a Honda fit 2004 and it has only just started in the Rear passenger seat making a clicking sound in the metal up by head rest, any idea what may be causing it please

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