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Latest problems

Honda Fit 2011 Hatchback
The car doesn't engage gear and D on the dashboard is blinking. Then when I engage gear the car doesn't accelerate or move. When put in diagnosis the error code was p2185. Can that be the reason of a… 

Self diagnosis pull trouble codes transmission
Honda Fit 2007 Honda Fit
Honda fit 2007 have pull code 39 blinks 3 pause blinks and 9 continue blinks what might be the problems and how should I fix it please I need help

Honda Fit 2007 Honda Fit
Honda Fit 2007model automatic the car starts fine put don't want to drive and gear lever is stuck and D is flashing on the desk board what might be the problem please need help

Dual clutch issue
Honda Fit 2014 1.5L
My car having gear issue that cause by dual clutch i need replace the part

Failing to accelerate and fuel consption after major service
Honda Fit 2009 hatchback
My car was serviced last week and after major service the engine light appeared AND the machine shows sensors i dont know which sensor exatly because when accellerating more than 60 the engine goes of… 

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