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Latest problems

Cheaply Made
Honda CR-V 2006 2.0L
I don't have the Car anymore, I traded it in for a Pilot. The CRV is cheaply made, uncomfortable, and lacks power when driving. They keep making them, but as well they keep raising the price. It may b… 

CD/AUX Button doesn't seem to work
Honda CR-V 2011 CRV
I have an iPod plugged into the port in my glove box. I wanted to switch to the AUX port to play music from my phone but when I hit the button nothing happens. It is stuck on my Ipod.

Gear box compatibility
Honda CR-V 2000 Suv
I have a year 2000 Automatic model for HRV. I want to find out if I can be able to use gear box for 2001 or above models of the same type of car.

Body control module used interchangably
Honda CR-V 2006 Body control module
I ordered a body control module for my 2006 crv automatic. But the dealer says my Chasis number does not match the body control module part for my crv. The body control module I ordered is still for c… 

Multiple issues
Honda CR-V 1999 Honda CRV LX
Multiple symptoms, rough starting, engine kills in drive, reverse, idle, neutral... possible ecm/pcm damage due to battery being installed backwards (reverse polarity sparking) Also possible damage to… 

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