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Latest problems

2009 clock
Honda Civic 2009 Civic
3009 clock will not be set! Off on again starts at 12:00! "GROUNDHOG DAY".

D4 blinking
Honda Civic 1999 sedan
The fuse box diagram underneath the seering drivers side was temperes

Need help with not changing
Honda Civic 1999 Ex 5 speed
My battery keeps draining or isn't charging not sure why think wire harness is damage how do I diagnose the problem

Front end noise
Honda Civic 2003 1.7 civic 4 door
Front end noise sound like going over rumble strips coming from front end when I go over small bumps stops when I let off the gas.

Noise When I turn wheel
Honda Civic 1999 4008674
When I start in morning that time I turn wheel for take out from parking and it's making noise like something is breaking and this noise is from front tyres what is this problem how can I fix

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