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Latest problems

Windows run chanal
Honda Civic 1999 Run chanal
Windows rubber it is not and

Gets hot looses water
Honda Civic 2005 2 door civic 1.7
Don't see any water leeks but coolent disappears put on new ŕadiator, hoses ,cap could it be the head gasket.

Error code 3 on radio dash
Honda Civic 2007 5 speed sedan
Car battery struggled from -50 weather and the radio error code came up since (last week)

Overhead console light
Honda Civic 2017 RS Coupe
In the overhead console, near the sunroof switch a red warning light came on. Tried opening/closing the sun roof, turn the interior lights off/on and the red light stays on. It will go off when the ex… 

Key won't turn in ignition and steering wheel is locked
Honda Civic 2005
Steering wheel is locked and the key won't turn. Tried holding it and turning it at the same time for a long time also did the shaking it back and forth had the key checked by dealer he said it was fi… 

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