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Key won't turn in ignition and steering wheel is locked
Honda Civic 2005
Steering wheel is locked and the key won't turn. Tried holding it and turning it at the same time for a long time also did the shaking it back and forth had the key checked by dealer he said it was fi… 

Radio won't stay on CD
Honda Civic 2009 Coup EX-L
When playing a CD, the radio automatically switches to AUX or FM. The CD button may bring it back to CD, but it always changes.

Lights on Warning
Honda Civic 2003 Civic
The warning beep if you leave your lights on and shut off the car is not working!!! Is this a fuse or what else would it be?

Fule consumption
Honda Civic 2003 Sedan/1.4
Hi thr peeps. I was wondering to upgrade my cars wheels To 215/45/17 Its a Honda civic 2003 year Would it effects the fule consumpyon it or suggest me the wheel size i should go for. Tha nkx in adva… 

No crank click start
Honda Civic 1996 4door sedan 1.6 liter
Attempted to change fuses for taillight try to start nothing

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