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Honda Accord 2014 EX-L Sedan 2.4L 5A
The engine seized just froze and died. This was happening intermittently when i was making any kind of sharp turn. On the second to last occurrence 4/12/15 it failed to start and was completely dead when i turned the ignition key 5 times. On the 6th, it miraculously started. When i was pulling into the dealership the following day to have it looked at the engine seized again and it was stuck for a scary moment. The service dept immediately open the hood and pointed out*** a known common manufacturing flaw near the battery, where the bolt for the battery randomly loses contact with the source.… Read complete
NHTSA consumer report from United States 5 years ago

2009 Accord 5A problem

Honda Accord 2009 EX-L V-6 Sedan 3.5L 5A
12 volt positive connection for battery get corrosion. The connection was covered by plastic cover so i could not see any damage until my car didn't start. I was lucky because it was happened at my garage. However, i am very scared by this problem. Because, i do not have any protection without battery if the terminal is disconnected on the highway. This problem is the same or more dangerous as gm's ignition key recall. Please research how many honda vehicles have the same problem, and how many people got injury or fatality as quick as possible. *tr
NHTSA consumer report from United States 6 years ago
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