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Latest problems

Honda Life Fails To start
Honda Accord 2009
The battery warning light and the oil level warning light not appearing on dashboard when its ignition on, gear selector lever stuck in parking, its only cranking but not picking up, all fuses are oky… 

No codes battery charged altnator shows no codes but the car has no po
Honda Accord 2007 coup 4dr Lx
New battery no codes no power horn stoped working and the key has to unlock the shifter inorder to put into drive only happened 3 times I'm thinking fuse

The hum of the front tires…
Honda Accord 2020
My car has a noise in the front, every speed reaches 20 mph there is a humming sound in the front tire on my 2020 Honda Accord, above 60 mph this noise is no longer visible. Has anyone encountered a s… 

Brake and transmission problem.
Honda Accord 2015 Honda civic
My wife was at completely stop on a hill and she start feeling that the car go back she punch the brake harder but the car do not stop so she hit the gas and the car dosen't go forward either so she t… 

Fluctuating slow on idle mode
Honda Accord 2004
Just came back from a journey yesterday. I started my car this morning, only for it to go off. I started it again with light acceleration and then it started fluctuating and I could ear this cart cart… 

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