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Latest problems

Radio light display is working but no sound from radio. Radio reset
Honda Accord 2003 Honda accord lx
Radio display light works but no sound or anything from radio. How to radio reset

Car wont start
Honda Accord 2003 v6 ex
I was checking my fuses & seen that the, back up ACC fuse was missing! So added one in, seen that it was draining the battery, maybe thats why the previous owner removed it. Now the car refuse to… 

Temperature rise
Honda Accord 2008 Normal
My car temperature meter rise to the highest when the ignition is turned on

Starting problem
Honda Accord 2008 Normal
Unable to start when the ignition is on and it complain of no1 and no4 ignition plug

No cool air coming out of air conditioner
Honda Accord 2000 2.4 honda
Light doesnt come on when i turn on switch for the air conditioner. Cant tell if its functioning or not.

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