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Front tire unexcetible wear
Honda Accord 2013 sedan 3.5l
Strange vibration sometime and very bad wearing of front tires on the inside but otherwise love the car

Car will not start. The battery is fine.
Honda Accord 2016 4 dr automatic
Honda told me the car will not start because of handicap placard hanging on rear view mirror

Rear sway bar is broken and rubs on brakes sound
Honda Accord 1998 Sedan
Squrek sound,,. . .
Not good

SRS light stays on continuously
Honda Accord 2004 Euro 2.4
The SRS light was initially intermittently faulty and could be reset. Got sick of taking it to the dealer and having them reset it and tell me it was now OK. Found a successful home reset procedure wh… 

Honda Accord 2003 Accord
5 speed gears will not engage with engine running installed new clutch pressure plate flywheel slave cylinder lot grinding noise when trying to engage gears...

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