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Starting issue
Honda Accord 1999 2.3L Accord EX Coupe
Having starting issues with my car. Couple days tried jumping it and it seemed like it wanted to turn over but didn't. Tried a different battery nothing. Got the starter tested and it passed twice. Wo… 

When I turn the key it doesn't want to start. It takes off very slow a
Honda Accord 1999 4 door
When starting it takes off very slow. Sometime it starts if when it get going faster turn off and turn back on.

Both driver side signals not working
Honda Accord 2007 4 door 6 cylinder
Both signals driver side not working

Car won’t start up and run
Honda Accord 2011 Accord v6 3.5
Car turns over but does not start sometimes it will start but only for a few seconds

4 codes, vsa- eps-abs-brakes
Honda Accord 2014 2.8
4 lights- vsa-eps-abs-brake lights will come on all at the same time. They will all go out all at once also but you never know when they will come on or off. The car dirves fine with no problems.

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