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Airbag failure
Honda Accord 2008
My daughter was driving her 2008 Honda Accord, she hit a tree, fence and flipped the car resulting in it hitting another tree and the drivers airbag never deployed. She died in the car accident and Ho… 

Honda white paint doesn't stick
Honda Accord 2008 2dr coupe
The white paint is flaking off my car in sheets

Rpms staying at 5 gear shifter Is locked
Honda Accord 2002 Honda accord coupe
While driving my Honda Accord down the road. The accelerator accelerated on its own and brakes locked up was able to come to a complete stop due to using my emergency brake. Now when I crank the car t… 

Honda Accord 1997 2 Dr coupe 2.2 ltr
Driving the other day and a couple of times when I was braking the battery light came on. Checked the belts on Alt. Batt. Cbl. Etc. Everything is fine doesn't happen again then I go to store car start… 

Cranks but want accelerate
Honda Accord 1991 Wagon
Cranks but want accelerate

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