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Opened doors

Ford Windstar 1998  155000 miles
My car indicates opened doors; even when closing all of them, the interior lights stay on and take more than 30 minutes to turn off. Even more, when activating the alarm, it does not sound one time as it should but instead twice, indicating there is an opened door.
Sondra from United States 5 years ago  
ginny de United States 5 years ago
Try changing fuse number 1 and greasing the door that appears in the display with a teflon gel spray. Hope it helps.

Problem with the RPM (revolutions per minute)

Ford Windstar 2001  190000 miles
When starting the car, the revolutions are around 2000 per minute and it takes quite a long time, around 15 seconds or more, to desaccelerate. This happens no matter whether I start it when cold or warm. Even more, when the vehicle is stopped, in a traffic light for example, and in Drive mode, rpm range between 500 and 900, and the engine sometimes stalls. An interesting detail is that, when connecting the air conditioning, revolutions stabilize. IAC, EGR and TPS valves have been checked and all their signals seem to be right. Vacuum hoses have also been checked but the problem remains. Does somebody know anything about it?
Madge from United States 5 years ago  
tibbie de United States 5 years ago
This same happened to me and this was done: spark plugs wiring as well as the IAC valve were changed and my problem was solved.


Ford Windstar 1998  165000 miles
My Windstar 98 wont start. I believe its the Immobilizer bcoz its not totally engaging. Anyone here who knows how to fix it ? Thanks
Regir from Canada 3 years ago  
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