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Sreen washer pump no working on transit 2023

Ford Transit 2023 Custom 28507 miles
Screen washer pump no working
Graz from United Kingdom 4 days ago  

Fuse for rear side lights

Ford Transit 2019 Transit custom 100000 miles
Your program does not recognize the word side light fuse
Marky Sparks from United Kingdom a month ago  

Everything is working correctly except for the AC control system

Ford Transit 2020 Transit 250 rwd 3.5 36950 miles
The AC control system is not working at all.
Curt from United States 2 months ago  

Escalated from no response accelation after deceleration

Ford Transit 2015 CONNECT, 2.4L, DURATORQ 150000 miles
Problem escalated fairly rapidly. It began as a no response acceleration to after any sort f deceleration to crank no start and no diesel making it past the high pressure pump now its got 1v at obd2 pin 16 and im trying to figure out if its connected with another circuit
storytime from Australia 2 months ago  
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storytime from Australia 2 months ago
Still unsolved help please

Reverse lights not working

Ford Transit 2017 Manual, FWD 109000 miles
I had a problem where my reverse lights only work for a few seconds then they don't work anymore. I have tried replacing the reverse light switch but still no luck. I checked the output of voltage and it has 5 volts, but it needs 12 volts. I want to know where the reverse light fuse is
Raja from United Kingdom 4 months ago  

Display say engine failure won’t start

Ford Transit 2015 Fuses 55000 miles
No comunication with the pcm
Benit’s from United States 9 months ago  
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