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Latest problems

Windows wont go up
Ford Taurus 2011
Changed two 30 amp fuses and still won’t work 😢 I don’t know what to do, I researched that there is a circuit fuse or something like that and also a relay fuse for the windows. Attached are the fuses… 

My car won't start but lights come on is it the starter
Ford Taurus 2001 No hatchback 3.0
Turned my car off at a friend's then wouldn't start again. I've know people to take out my fuses under my hood but anyways my car wouldn't start the lights come on and when I now turn the keys nothing… 

My stereo and my rear defroster stopped working out of nowhere
Ford Taurus 2003 Sedan
My stereo in my rear defroster stopped worki

Window issues
Ford Taurus 2006 4dr sedan ses
How can you tell if a relay us badlina

No Exterior alarm sounds.
Ford Taurus 2014 Taurus
I have all exterior warning lights, warning alarms have stopped.

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