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Truck runs rough and stall out of the blue

Ford Ranger 1993 4.0 26800 miles
The motor runs rough and stalls out of the blue we have changed the fuel pump and injectors, plugs plug wires throttle position sensor checked the mass air flow and it is reading fine fuel pressure is good the check engine light will come on but it will not show a code had it put on computer and it shows every thing is working fine also changed the fuel pressure unit
cstrief from United States 4 years ago  
Cqmanager de Canada 3 years ago
Try cleaning your injectors...alot of times they get fouled up and why it stalls... seafoam or equivalent has always worked for me

Injector Pump not Pumping diesel

Ford Ranger 2013 3.2L Xlt Double Cab 235000 miles
Hi aal,
I have encountered an issue with my Ranger about a week ago where i was driving on the Highway and all of a sudden the engine cut out. I did diagnostic test and glowplug 1&3 issues were detected. I removed the Feeding pipe of the Injector pump to the Pressure rail and when i turned the engine the Pump wasnt pumping any Diesel to the Pressure rail.
Is my Injector pump faulty ?
Piet from South Africa 2 years ago  
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