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Latest problems

White smoke and don't want to start after truck over heated
Ford Ranger 1995 8cld
White smoke and don't want to start after truck over heated

Well I was driving n it started to loose power n it cranks but no
Ford Ranger 2018
No diesel on a engine but it does reach to injector

Stalling when clutching, Unstable idle
Ford Ranger 2013 3.2 Manual 4x4 Doublecab
When I brake (and press clutch) the rpms drop lower than they should, often resulting in stalling. I have replaced the injectors, and serviced the vehicle but still nothing. My plan is to replace the… 

Runs rough losing power
Ford Ranger 1989 Pickup
New plugs and wires. I have been running gas treatment through it. Truck had been running ok but got to where it has no power

Engine start
Ford Ranger 2012 Club cab,2.5tdi
The battery is good & the heater plugs are good,I do pushing start the engine runs good. Problem is when I do start with the keys don't start only get on.

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