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Car cranking but won't start
Ford Ranger 2015 Pickup ute
Cranking but won't start... changed fuel filter,air filter and cleaned up the fuel thank but still won't start...power train light is on

Injector Pump not Pumping diesel
Ford Ranger 2013 3.2L Xlt Double Cab
Hi aal, I have encountered an issue with my Ranger about a week ago where i was driving on the Highway and all of a sudden the engine cut out. I did diagnostic test and glowplug 1&3 issues were de… 

Intermittent starting problems
Ford Ranger 2017 Ford Ranger
My truck has been in 3 different shops for the same reason. Sometimes it will not start and the starter clicks twice like a dead battery. If I wait one minute it starts everytime but if I try to start… 

Engine wont start
Ford Ranger 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2
Hey guys i have a problem with my 3.2 ford ranger wildtrak... after 3 days in garage the engine wont start... i thought it was the battery so i change the battery with a new one... but still it wont s… 

Truck will not move
Ford Ranger 1989 Auto 4x4 2.9 v6
Truck will shift into gear but will not move when you push the gas. It revs up and feels like it wants to go but maybe moves and inch any sensors or computers that may be messed up

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