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Diesel fuel leak
Ford Ranger 2015 Pick up truck
Diesel fuel leaking when engine is running

Sounds lie bearing spinning or something dragging the ground
Ford Ranger 2001 4.0
Driving home, heard a rattling like a chain dragging the ground. Pulled over didnt find anything. Got home jacked truc up. Spun passenger wheel nothing in the wheel. Took wheel off turned hub. Sound c… 

Reversing sensors not intermit
Ford Ranger 2009
When I put my Ranger in reverse, there should be a beep to inform me that the sensors are active. This should then be followed by a beeping sound as I get closer to an object. Once close, intermittent… 

Low beam on right does not work
Ford Ranger 2014 3.2 diesel. Supercab.
Left side beams all good. Right low beam circuit appears dead. Bulb is fine. Books do not show fuses relating to low beam let alone one for each side.

Heat sensor location
Ford Ranger 2011 Ranger
3 lt diesel ranger 2011. Where is heat sensor location. Gauge not picking up

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