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Engine wont start
Ford Ranger 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2
Hey guys i have a problem with my 3.2 ford ranger wildtrak... after 3 days in garage the engine wont start... i thought it was the battery so i change the battery with a new one... but still it wont s… 

Truck will not move
Ford Ranger 1989 Auto 4x4 2.9 v6
Truck will shift into gear but will not move when you push the gas. It revs up and feels like it wants to go but maybe moves and inch any sensors or computers that may be messed up

Back up lights
Ford Ranger 1991
I just put a new back up switch on my ranger, they work, but only when brake is depressed, let up on the brakes, back up lights go off, while transmission is still in reverse!!!

Bluetooth music
Ford Ranger 2016
Phone connects and functions but won’t play music

Pre filter for ford ranger
Ford Ranger 2015 3.2 diesel twin cab
I am fitting a donaldson pre fuel filter and need to find the quick release diesel fuel inlet line fittings, aftermarket. I am told you can remove the original ford fittings from the line and reuse. I… 

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