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Latest problems

Lost sound in stereo
Ford Ranger 1999
I lost the sound in my stereo so I installed a New Media player and you're still no sound coming from my speakers factory wiring is there an amp located somewhere there is not one on my passenger side… 

Limp mode fuel problem
Ford Ranger 2013 Ford Ranger 3.2 auto
The vehicle starts but won't pick up speed and the engine's running rough?

Oil mixing with water
Ford Ranger 2012 3.2
Oil mixing with water. No water in engine. Mixed oil and water only along the radiator hoses and in the Reservoir

My car is trying to start but it does not start
Ford Ranger 2012 Sensor
My car does not want to start but it promise to start ,if I start it just do the sound

Turns over and but won't start
Ford Ranger 2015 Ute
2015 2.2l ford ranger has a new ERG valve and battery. It turns over but won't start.

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