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Tran. Shiffting
Ford Ranger 1999 4 leader auto tran.
Will not shift into second without letting up on the gas

Ford Ranger 2007 3.0
Looses water slowly and overheats after 10 minutes driving

Do I have to program anything after engine change
Ford Ranger 2007 3.0
Want to change engine and don't know if I have to program anything after the change over

My Ford Ranger 2.5 Diesel a bit shaking when I starting it.
Ford Ranger 2009 2.5
Shaking when starting the engine.

Less power after changing overhead gasket
Ford Ranger 2010 Pick up 2.5 desiel manual
After replacing its overhead gasket it losses power,it runs like a converted to lpg,,engine runs good while idling,but when you start to change gear ,it has little power,,I had the mechanic to re chec… 

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