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Latest problems

Scraping noise when reversing in 4 wheel drive
Ford Ranger 2014 2.2L auto
Went to reverse off my drive this morning and started hearing a scraping noise and noticed when I let of the accelerator the car stopped like it was under breaking. It feels like something is stopping… 

Ford ranger 3.2 manual tramsmission
Ford Ranger 2015
Engine suddenly stop and I tried to start but only cranking,,and no fault code,, I replace pressure pump still the same have pressure from the tank and stop in 10sec and when tried to start no more pr… 

Gearbox ,traction and engine light
Ford Ranger 2015 ford ranger 3.2 wildtrack
The ford is displaying gearbox,traction and engine light and it wont shift gears

When it's hot don't start
Ford Ranger 2012 Limited
When it's hot it doesn't start

Radio problem
Ford Ranger 2016 Ford ranger wildtrack
No sound at all, the sync device still connects to everything (but has no sound) except for the fm radio, it don't even touch on the screen even though it's there.

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