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Latest problems

Windshield wipers won't stay on fuses all good relays new but still na
Ford Mustang 2003 6.5 lilit
Fuses all good though I see no action for the wipers. And radio has no sound powers on but that's it.

Need help Please !!!
Ford Mustang 2007 4.0 SOHC automatic
I have a 2007 mustang 4.0 with issues, i have tried everything i know i am at a loss at this point... PLEASE HELP. Went to work and went to store before home and battery was dead had to be jumped, on… 

Car will not start
Ford Mustang 2003 GT/4.6l
I was driving and all day and i cut vehicle off and when i went to start the vehicle it act like it was going to start it was like a quick vrrgh then went quiet my car is a stick manual transmission s… 

Testing the site
Ford Mustang 1986 saloon
Testing 1 2 1 2 1 2 woohoo this is working fdine

Windshield Wiper Problems
Ford Mustang 2011 coupe / 5.0 GT
Windshield wipers will come on by themselves and not turn off.

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