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Latest problems

Heated front screen
My front heated screen does not work. Its not a stop start car. Fues ok. Could anyone tell me the two wires that go into the screen are they both positive. What i mean is does one wire go in round the… 

Dashboard fault
Ford Mondeo 2009 2.0l tdci hatchback
Dashboard looses power. Non of the guages or lights work but the car continues running normally with no problems. Heater also fails to light up but this also blows air as normal. Indicators, radio, ha… 

Battery access
Ford Mondeo 2015 Ecoboost
I cannot open bonnet without power, has a flat battery and I can't open the door to be able to release bonnet catch.

Not starting after battery change
Ford Mondeo 1999 Hatchback 2 like
Engine turns over but does not fire

Car dont start
Ford Mondeo 2007 edge 1600 petrol
Charged battery but when turning key to start it it chust hose click I had it going by putting easy start down air filter but battery went flat got no stario or intermittent wipers can any one help me

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