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Latest problems

Water leak in tailgate
Ford Fusion 2003 hatckback
The tailgate is filling with water. It comes gushing out when tailgate is lifted from lock mech' and sides of tailgate

Ford fusion, semi automatic, clutch master cylinder with gearbox modul
Ford Fusion 2006 1.4
Ford fusion, semi automatic, clutch master cylinder with gearbox module all in one.

Increase fuel consumption
Ford Fusion 2011 Hybrid 2.5
Noticed increase fuel consumption (L/km)

Driver door isn't locking
Ford Fusion 2011
Driver door isn't locking when I use the key remote to lock and also isn't locking while the car is running and pushing the 7.9 buttons on the keyless entry. Had to use the actual key hole on door to… 

Missing and Stalling
Ford Fusion 2014 2.0L, I4,Automatic,Eco Boost
I wonder if the stalling problem that seems so consistent with this model could be computer related. Mine occasionally showed similar signs over a couple years that didn't seem serious. It finally lef… 

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