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Latest problems

side view mirror not working
Ford Fusion 2006 ford fusion 3.0
my side mirrorfs on 06 fusion stoped working

Dash display
Ford Fusion 2015 2.5 litre
Won't start dash displays not in park

Both front heated and a/c seats stopped working
Ford Fusion 2016 Titanium 2.0 AWD
Both front heated seats and a/c seats stopped working.
I checked the 3 fuses listed and check the connectors under the seats.

Ford Fusion 2015 Fusion SE
While driving down the road I got a God awful alarm telling me to pull over & I lost power steering! This is when I found out I don't have a power steering pump so can't check the fluid! @ the sam… 

Front two windows not working
Ford Fusion 2015
During this winter my windows had frozen again. But now the front two windows don't work while the back two still do. There are two fuses that I had to disassemble most of my dashboard to access that… 

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