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Faulty gearbox

Ford Focus 2005 1.4 hatchback 4 door 219800 miles
It will chug in any gear at low revs. Like you wouln be able to leave it in 2nd and try flow with the traffic you would have to put it to first or goin around a roundadot you would hav to put it yo second
Tomo from Ireland 3 years ago  
Tomo de Ireland 3 years ago
Need help witj this

Problem please

Engine sometimes Hesitant

Ford Focus 2008 1.8 Tdci 95000 miles
Hi Folks, over the last week or so my car seems to be loosing power, eg when going up a steep hill the other day in 2nd gear I had the pedal to the floor and it was hardly moving, had to put into 1st gear to get to the top. Also when in the higher gears the engine will start shuddering as if I'm in the wrong gear and once I drop down a gear its ok. Can anyone Help please.
Gem26 from Ireland 4 years ago  
Conken de Ireland 3 years ago
I have a 2008 ford focus 1.8tdci %2C 127000miles on the clock. Problem is when I start the car from cold the engine runs rough and is very hesitant below 2k revs but after a mile it's gone and remains gone until it's cold again. It's showing no faults except for egr but that was only once. I've had this problem for 2months %2C I've changed the fuel filter %2C on the last service and I am being told it's most likely injectors need replacing from one garage but another garage did a leak test and said there's nothing wrong with the injectors. A little bit of white smoke on start up but nothing major. Anyone with the same issues. I've changed an injector before ( different symptoms and this threw up an eml ) clutch and flywheel changed along with thermostat housing %2C bushings and other parts. It's getting costly so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can I use antislip in my clutch

Ford Focus 2002 Zx5 manual  335000 miles
My clutch is basically gone but I am wondering if I can use antislip fluid like in an automatic transmission just to save it a little longer till I can get it replaced in the new year?
Jojo from Canada 5 years ago  
Knuth de United States 5 years ago
Well, you are going to have to change it anyway, might as well try and see if you are lucky
johnn de United States 3 years ago
I've never tried that before

Won't start at all lights come on and I can't get car out of park

Ford Focus 2013  60455 miles
I drove to work with no problem this afternoon I went in for 5 hours I come back the car will not start it won't even crank the lights come on and the car beeps but yet I tries to shift the into nuetral it's an automatic it will not shift even if the key is turned and the break is depressed I have no idea what it could be I pray it's the battery maybe but I m not sure anymore please help
macky from United States 5 years ago  
Knuth de United States 5 years ago
If not even the lights turn on, it's most likely the battery. Perhaps you need to replace it, or there's a problem with the alternator not charging it. Did you fix it already?

Transmittion issues

Ford Focus 2005 Zx5 127236 miles
Th3 gears are not going in right I have to exeletate for it to berly move
Joharguti from OTHER COUNTRY 3 months ago  

Won't start, but have all instruments working

Ford Focus 2013 hatchback 100400 miles
You searched for 'won't start, will get all instruments lights but no start, chhecked battery is ok, checked started is ok, checked all fuses are ok, can jump start by by passing with jumper wire in relay ( R 10 ) but won't move into gears, can turn off will then start and you can drive but once you turn off again and it sits for a little bit same thing happens no start. '
pyet from United States a year ago  

Auto transmission

Ford Focus 2015 Hatch 20500 miles
Automatic transmission not changing gears and making flaring engine noise. Awaiting a tow truck
Dors from Australia 3 years ago  
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