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Electronic whinning sound
Ford Focus 2017 2.0 Focus Sedan SE
There is a whinning sound coming from the front passenger side of the engine when the car is parked and turned off. Sound is at irregular intervals, and doesn't do it all the time. I have a sound reco… 

No battery for 1 month. New battery electrics work but wont start
Ford Focus 2005 Hatchback
Help with this problem or advise. New battery in fob to lock car but that won't work either

Engine system fault
Ford Focus 2006 Ford focus
The car won't start and engine system fault appears

Dash warning lights
Ford Focus 2005 4 dr 2.0
After the heater was worked on the dashboard warning lights stay on after car is started also tach dont move but fuel and heat gauge works

Car wont start
Ford Focus 2004 Hatchback
Hi my car isn't firing the electrics work fine but the engine doesn't turn nor does it make any sound there is no warning light on or anything it looks like there is a cable on the under side of the e… 

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