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Won't start, but have all instruments working
Ford Focus 2013 hatchback
You searched for 'won't start, will get all instruments lights but no start, chhecked battery is ok, checked started is ok, checked all fuses are ok, can jump start by by passing with jumper wire in r… 

Car wont start
Ford Focus 2013 2.0
My 2013 Ford Focus engine wont start. Everything is turned ON at the dashboard except the engine still not running. There is notice prompt with "Auto Pilot Parking Assist Malfunction. Service required… 

Ignition has power ,lights radio etc but the car wont start. I
Ford Focus 2006 1600 zetec automatic petrol
Message says engine system fault

Clutch pedal sticks to floor and no disengagement... Car KEEPS going.
Ford Focus 2010 Manual estate 2 litre diesel
Occasionally when pedal is pressed to floor the clutch does not disengage. Usually happens when starting in 1st gear. At speed everything is fine. The pump has been replaced but not solved problem. Se… 

Dashboard: no lights, no power- exterior lights all work and radio too
Ford Focus 2013 FOCUS SE Flexfuel
The blower on my heater started making a horrible racket this morning. Waaaaah. So I ran it at speed 1. Sometimes when I drive, if AM radio is on, there is a winding up sound that comes thru the radio… 

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