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Wont start drive home from work
Ford Focus 2007
Dove home from work went fine then went to go up the road and wont start turns over all good just wont start did the fuel shut of switch but still te same

Brake light issues
Ford Focus 2005 16v zetec
Brake lights boot panel works but not the other.

Noise after starting the car
Ford Focus 2009 Hatchback
When i start the car i can hear a noise while starting, it drives okay when started.

Wet floor on left side
Ford Focus 2011
Floor wet on left side especially bad behind front passenger seat, also lots of water in boot with spare wheel

Oil cooler leaking into water cooler and egr valve problems
Ford Focus 2015 Ford Focus 1.6
I have recently changed the egr valve on my car and for some reason it took over a week u til this was done as the light kept coming afterwards, i received my car back with no explanation on what extr… 

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