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Latest problems

Headlights not working
Ford Flex 2010 Flex sl 6cyl.
Replaced light bulbs and now headlights wont thrn on bit eery other light works.

Starter just keeps clicking when trying to start
Ford Flex 2014 3.5 non turbo
Starter is good battery is good as I put the key into the on position everything turns on when I crank it the starter engages & it starts clicking but then all the lights flicker on & off &… 

Passenger HID Headlight not working after replacing bulb and ballast
Ford Flex 2015
Passenger HID Headlight burned out, replaced bulbs on both sides. A month later the passenger stopped working again, have tried replacement bulbs and replacement ballast. Fuse in engine compartment is… 

Won't start
Ford Flex 2014 Ford flex
When I try to start only get a click

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